Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

Now that I was back at work, the looming contract put me back on edge. With Santori coming on board, there would need to be some changes made to his methods of operation, but that would come in time. While my employees certainly knew of my reputation, or I should say that of my family’s, I’d never crossed the line as far as use of harsh tactics. I’d never been backed into a corner, forcing the choice.

Something didn’t smell right. Santori had bowed to me too quickly, without a fight. Yes, Caleb certainly knew what he would face if he hadn’t signed on the dotted line, but I sensed there was another reason. No one was going to play me for a fool.

There was no need to fret over what Ms. Markum would or wouldn’t do at this point. She had no real understanding of her father’s business. Given a few days, she’d be overwhelmed by information, more than happy to get rid of the albatross at any dollar. I was prepared to go a few million dollars higher on the offer, but that would be it. I only hoped I wouldn’t have to resort to exceptional tactics. I would spend some time learning every nuance about her, finding out what made her tick. Putty in my hands.

“Mr. Bishop. I have some contracts that need your signature. They’re on your desk.”

“An eager beaver, Miss Molly,” I chortled.

She blushed and held the files closer to her chest, her pen tapping against the cardboard. “You know what they say.”

“Yes, I certainly do. Thank you very much. I also have an assignment for you.”

“You do?” Her face brightened yet her lower lip quivered.

“Yes. One of significant importance. There is a young woman who will be coming through those doors this morning. I’ve hired her to work as an administrator. I expect that you’ll do everything you can to make certain she’s given the tour and everything she needs to get started.”

“Okay. I mean, yes, sir. What is she going to be doing?”

I rubbed my jaw. “I have yet to figure that out, but I will. Just take care of her for me. You will do that, won’t you?”

“Yes, sir. Of course, sir.” Molly blinked several times. “I’m here to serve you in any manner I can.”

“Excellent.” My thoughts drifted, the dark desire lurking just under the skin. Kitty had awakened the man inside, the hunger I’d abated for far too long. There’d been no woman to satisfy my dark desires for over two years.

“What’s her name?” She pulled a pad from her stack of files, her pen in position.



“I have absolutely no idea.” I couldn’t stop laughing as I walked toward my office, allowing the single happy moment to filter into the back of my mind. How refreshing the thirty minutes spent with her had been. I noticed the signed contract from Santori positioned in the center of my desk. There were other contracts as well, specific land deals that had taken months before acquisition. At this moment, they didn’t matter. I only had eyes for the Santori paperwork. I turned the pages one by one, eyeing the signature as well as the man’s initials. I had a bad taste in my mouth that had been left from allowing the deal to be pushed in my face in the first place.

My attorney was a shark, a man hated almost as much as my father for his coldblooded work both in and out of the courtroom. He’d added needed verbiage to the contract as well as the addendums, but I hadn’t double checked the final draft. I never had before. Why was I concerned now? The same sixth sense that had kept me alive during three daring attempts on my life. I’d known there was a vibe surrounding the family, a hit ready to happen. This was no different.

My gut was telling me there was a planned takeover about to occur.

I spent the needed time adding my signature to the various contracts, returning phone calls and emails. There were days I was bored to fucking death over the drudgery. This was one of them.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Kitty just outside my door. A smile crossed my face. She looked much more professional than the night before. Dressed in a suit and heels, her long hair pulled into a conservative bun, she could have passed for an attorney or executive.

And still, my cock throbbed as lurid thoughts shifted into the back of my mind.

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