Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

She was trailing behind Molly, listening intently to whatever she was being told. At least I’d managed a good deed for the week, possibly allowing for a few karma points that wouldn’t drag me into the depths of hell. One thing was certain. She and I would cross paths again and in a completely different manner.

* * *


I could see him, the man who’d lived in my fantasies for a few precious hours. The wet dream had been unexpected, leaving me soaking wet and hugging the pillow between my legs, visions of him thrusting his cock deep inside my pussy, his actions brutal. I absently rubbed a bead of perspiration from over my lip, trying to blink away the images. I’d even envisioned him taking me across his lap, spanking me like the bad little girl that I was. Jesus.

What in the hell am I doing? The little voice inside my head was riled, confused as to why I was here, in the very office of what I now considered a wretched human being. The shock of learning that Jagger Bishop had been the man responsible in some measure for my father’s death had been horrific, sending me into a tailspin. My father had made it to the hospital, dying shortly thereafter. The attending doctor could say very little, except my father’s heart had simply stopped. But I knew better. That’s when I’d gone searching for every scrap of information.

I’d read the information several times, going over the financials for Markum and Associates with a fine-tooth comb. The detailed emails, veiled threats given the verbiage, had left me with more questions than answers. My father had collected every email, every piece of correspondence, keeping them safely locked and away from his office, maybe knowing that I’d come in some way to the rescue.

Other than the few minutes the night I’d arrived in Chicago, I hadn’t grieved properly for my father, even though the guilt was killing me. My father had suffered alone, without my help or even a kind word. Anger had quieted the sadness and now I was going to end this game that was being played. There were certain aspects that I couldn’t understand, like a puzzle with missing pieces.

What I did know is that Jagger had held something over my father’s head. Had to be. That could be the only reason that my father would ever consider selling to the son of a monster. Unfortunately, my father had only alluded to some arrangement with Bishop Enterprises. I didn’t need the various sets of documents provided to know that the firm was a basic front of operation for the Calduchi family—as if anyone would honestly believe they’d gone legit in any of their businesses. I was no fool and neither was my father.

So, what in the hell was going on?

The research had allowed me to formulate a picture of Jagger in my mind. With the help of the internet, I’d learned more. Jagger acted above the law, but there were no signs that he was anything but a professional in the real estate development world. However, again, my gut told me otherwise. He was also a man of habits and with a few questions, it had been easy enough to find his usual club, his favorite restaurant, and even the only location where he seemed to vacation. He certainly had no fears of being taken out by another crime syndicate, or he just had balls the size of cantaloupes.

My conniving plan had come together quickly after that. I had no way of knowing whether Jagger would show at Razzle’s, but I had to start somewhere. Thank God my luck had been running high. To see him at the bar, the way his eyes swept over me as if he was ready to feast had created reactions that I hadn’t anticipated. Lust. Unbridled lust. I’d actually hungered for a man who could make a single phone call and erase my existence.

I’d expected a larger than life asshole with a security detail. What I’d met was a quiet and unassuming man with excellent tastes in wine. I brushed my fingers across my lips, trying to concentrate on what Molly was telling me. I’d envisioned him kissing me at the end of the night, even attempting to lure me into his bed. He’d done neither, simply wishing me luck on this new venture. Even the way he’d looked in well-worn and very tight jeans had created the series of fantasies long into the evening. He was sexy, muscular in all the right places with shaggy dark hair and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. God, I must be losing my mind.

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