Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

I held my tongue as Montego paced the room. “I’ll be at the gala this evening and both Richard Markum and Caleb Santori are expected guests. They wouldn’t dare defy the great Calduchi mandate so I’m positive they will sign contracts.”

“And if they don’t, you know what you have to do.”

I knew the answer, the same tactic that had always been used since his grandfather had taken the reins after a particularly ghastly turf war. “I’m perfectly capable of handling this.” The only legitimate segment of my father’s various business ventures had been placed in my hands. Then again, I was the only college graduate in the family. Brains versus brawn, asshole.

He moved closer to my desk, peering over, his black eyes glaring into mine. “I don’t need a pussy for a son. You wanted this operation. Now, you have to do your part.”

There’d been so many times I wanted to gut the man, leave him lying in a pool of his own blood, but I didn’t have the backing of the underboss or any of the capos. Killing the don could mean certain death. I wasn’t ready to take that chance.

At least not yet.

“Have I ever failed you?” In truth, I had never done anything against the family or especially my father that would cause any concern. But that no longer mattered. Given the recent threats from the muscle sliding in from New York, there was a distinct reason my father was on edge. He knew the score and so did I. Adding to our real estate holdings, whether occurring by legitimate methods or by using force would push what some in the business called inevitable back a few months.

Montego had a plan in motion to secure the city, in his manner, but the concept still needed time. I’d heard all the shit from one of the made men, a pin-headed kid who had no idea what he was getting himself involved with, even though he was one of the most brutal of the soldiers. The kid was an easy drunk. One day his mouth would land him in an early grave. At least the information he provided kept me in the loop. Poor Antonio. He had no idea I was using him as a pawn.

My father sneered and leaned further over my desk. “You’ve also done nothing to please me during the last few months. You either make this happen or I’ll assign your brother to take over.”

The usual backhanded threat. He wanted me riled, enraged, but he wasn’t goading me today.

“This is my company, Montego. Mine.” I rose very slowly to my feet, shifting until we were only inches apart. I’d always enjoyed defying the man I’d hated since I learned that my father had a gun strapped to his back instead of hero wings. My brother was much better suited for the family business and would no doubt find his way to the helm at some point. Granted, he was more of a playboy, gunning through money. Gio was also borderline psychotic, a trait I harbored in the back of my mind. I kept my eyes pinned on Montego, refusing to blink.

In an uncharacteristic move, Montego was the first one to break the line in the sand, taking a decided step backwards. “I expect to have a phone call in the morning. I suggest you find a suitable party girl for tonight. Your reputation in all areas is at stake.”

Another threat. Another day. I would indeed shove a blade through my father’s heart one day. I knew exactly who I was taking to the party. At least she was a woman I could trust in various regards, even if we sparred instead of talked the majority of the time.

He left my office without any additional fanfare, leaving the door open, strolling past the other employees.

Goddamn, I loathed the motherfucker.

* * *

“You certainly didn’t give me any options, Jagger. You know I hate the fact you call and just expect that I’m going to be your arm candy for the night.”

I’d grown up around Diana, her older brother a buddy of mine. She once hungered for more than friendship and while we’d shared a few passionate evenings, we only tolerated each other at this point. However, she would keep the guests entertained while I secured the contracts. She also made excellent eye candy.

“And you have no problems sidling up to the rich and powerful men who attend these functions, my sweet. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say your Harvard education was going to go to waste.”

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