Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

The pain in the man’s eyes was telling as well as heartbreaking. For a few seconds, I didn’t want to be the ruthless fuck I’d turned into, but there was little recourse. “Richard, while I do understand and appreciate your conviction, I will have little choice but to destroy you given what I know. One call to the police and you will lose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.”

I wasn’t surprised by his deadpan reaction. I was shocked when he began to shake, his entire body sagging. He looked at me, his eyes reaching through mine and straight into my very soul, and I knew then what I’d done could never be undone.

As he fell to the floor, I heard his last words and they were ones that would haunt me to my grave.

“I forgive you.”

Chapter Two


There are so many things I want in life. For many, it’s all about money, possessions. I couldn’t care less about billionaires, which is what every little girl seems to be craving, pumped up by romance novels that sling out words like ‘taming’ and ‘breaking.’ Of course, I’ve read my share of sizzling erotic books about dark and dangerous alpha men during lonely nights—red wine and a carton of ice cream my only solace. Passion. Love. Security. The three little words mean so much, yet there is no way I’ll ever achieve them. I’ve given up on finding the right man, as if there really is such a thing. There’s too much heartache in this world.

So, I work...

“Lola Chenelle. Is that really you? I can’t believe you are actually joining me for a glass of wine. And in the middle of the day! The Martians must have landed in downtown Boone.”

“Very funny.” I rolled my eyes as I slid into the seat, dropping the various shopping bags. “So, I took a day off for a change.” Granted, Emily was right. I hadn’t allowed as much as a day to myself in almost eighteen months. Just trying to get the business up and running had taken every red cent I had in the bank, let alone the two bank notes. And the time needed meant eighteen-hour days with two different employers and working on ideas for my little slice of the pie.

But the combination cozy bistro and book shop was all mine. Bottega’s Bistro and Books had a catchy ring, at least in my opinion.

“I’m so glad. How’s everything going? Wait, before you tell me. Take a look at that hottie over there. Isn’t he something special?” Emily leaned further over the table, licking her lips as she gazed at the other side of the café.

“Be careful, girl, you’re drooling.” However, the guy was sexy as hell and wore a pair of tight blue jeans like no one else I’d seen in Boone. Well, there had been a few I could have snacked on, rough-hewn men with washboard abs and sensual eyes. I’m not entirely certainly why I moved to Boone, North Carolina over three years before. I remember one tequila-filled night, a map in front of my hand and anger in my heart. Then I’d sold everything I owned and left less than a week later.

“Sugar, hold your tongue ‘cause that’s our waiter.”

I adored Emily Granger and had literally almost run her over on the street the first day I was in town. The various curvy roads, and the lack of knowing where I was or what I was doing, I blamed for the near tragedy. After a few choice curse words on her part, she’d realized I was crying and offered a kick in the pants and a tall liquor. We’d been fast friends ever since. “Great. I’m leaving now.”

She grabbed my hand as the tall buff blond sauntered to our table, his dancing blue eyes the color of the Aegean Sea. All I could think about was rolling in the white sandy beach, water lapping over our heated bodies as we kissed passionately, our tongues entwining. I could feel the heat rising on my face, dampness between my legs. I hadn’t even kissed a man in so long, I was uncertain if I would freak out if it ever occurred again.

“Ladies. Welcome to Tulips on this beautiful summer afternoon. Can I start you off with some iced tea?” he asked, glancing from one to the other of us.

His eyes seemed to settle on my chest, or maybe the bright fuchsia shirt I’d selected, feeling a little bit jazzed this morning. Maybe the clingy attire wasn’t the best choice, but given the slight bulge in between his muscular legs, I was a bit giddy. Even the slight county bumpkin twang was just about the most delicious accent I’d heard. Okay, so I could ride the man like a wild stallion. I wasn’t necessarily proud of myself, but what the hell.

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