Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

This was a ridiculous reaction given the fact I was almost twenty-seven years old.

“Wine. Lots of wine,” I blurted out, catching Emily’s gleeful look.

“That we can do. What kind would you like?” He inched closer to the table, pursing his kissable lips.

“Merlot.” I don’t even remember which bottle I selected, but after he left, making certain we were well aware that his name was Lance, I exhaled, feeling every ounce of tension release.

“I have a feeling you’re going to have a sinful afternoon. A little wine, maybe some cheese. A big plate of hard cock.”

“Oh!” My squeal managed to draw far too much attention, including Lance’s grinning face turned toward us. I squirmed in the chair, my pussy clenching.

Laughing, she shook her head. “About time. You deserve a little TLC and relaxation. When’s the big grand opening?”

“We’re open but I am planning a big party next Friday. A band, food, drinks, the whole works. I even found a couple of writers from around here who will be in attendance.” I heard the sound of my cell phone for the third time that day and I didn’t have to bother to look to know who was calling.

My father.

He must have heard through one of his friends or perhaps gave enough of a shit to look at the store’s website. I really didn’t care. I’d left Chicago for college and after only two weeks back at his house, I left again. This time for good. I’d landed in Virginia, working for a real asshole for almost two years before throwing in the towel, almost returning home. The tequila had given me strength to find my dreams. Now, I hungered for a sinful fantasy, not being forced to deal with my father in any capacity.

“Do you need to get that?” Emily asked, giving me an evil eye.

“No. I don’t.” There was a gruffness to my tone, which didn’t surprise me. Why did the man think he could interfere with my life? I wasn’t going to forgive him any time soon, if ever. There wasn’t enough room in my heart for that bullshit.

“Well, okay then. You need some wine. Lots of wine.” She pushed the glass further in my direction.

“I’m sorry. Just my dad and I don’t want to talk about him.”

“I didn’t even know you had a family. You act like you were hatched from an ancient bird.” Emily fluttered her wings, laughing as she kept just out of my reach.

“You’re quite the comedian today. I have a family. Well, sort of.” As Lance approached, this time swaggering across the floor, showing sexy dance moves to the music, I allowed my concentration to settle on the fine-looking man. The beach scene was still in my mind, blue skies and our naked bodies lying together, limbs entwined, sand between our toes. If only a single fantasy could come true.

“Here you are, ladies. I took the liberty of bringing you some fresh fruit and cheese as well. I can tell you are celebrating life.” He winked as he uncorked the bottle, allowing me to have the first taste. When he leaned over to pour, I inhaled his intoxicating cologne and there was no doubt I moaned. Out. Loud.


Even Emily could barely contain her reaction.

“Perfect. Luscious and ripe,” I said, regrouping. Until I noticed his face, the leer replacing his happy expression. This time, I wanted to crawl under the table. I had no poker face, no destiny to run major corporations. I said what I felt, and every emotion was right there like a massive black stain on whatever I was wearing. I was that girl, too sweet for her own damn good.

“I’m glad you appreciate, especially the finer things in life. I can see you are a woman who savors all things delicious, perhaps even a little wicked.” His words were whispered, overtly sexual in the overtones. “I’ll leave you two alone to enjoy, but remember, I am here for any of your needs.”

Only after he walked away did I allow my very long breath to escape. I also grabbed my napkin, fanning my overheated face. At least I had the good decency to wait, instead of making a bigger fool out of myself.

“Hot damn is all I can say. I need to take some pointers from you. The last boyfriend I had was more like Jethro, and I don’t mean Tull, if you know what I mean.”

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