Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

Tiny purrs and mews slipped past her pursed lips and she wrapped her other leg around my thigh as she clamped her pussy muscles.

“So damn tight.” Panting, I wanted nothing more than for this to last for hours, but there was no time, no way I could cease from protecting her, the woman I cherished more than any other person who’d ever been in my life. The anguish as well as the yearning we shared was beautiful as well as terrifying, turning our desire into a firestorm. I lowered my head until our lips were just touching, and I whispered everything I’d been wanting to say to her. Training her. Fucking her. Using her. Loving her. The way her cunt pulled me in created a series of shivers. I filled her, my cock throbbing, my balls ready to explode.

She moaned, nodding several times as if she understood and rocked with me. Together, we were as one and nothing and no one could take this away. Her breath came in short pants, her whimpering husky and I knew she was close to coming.

I crushed her mouth, staying locked together, holding back until her body began to shake. Only then did I let go, exploding, draining every last drop of cum. Her sweet surrender was ecstasy.

Minutes later I kissed her forehead and both eyes before climbing to my feet, reaching for my clothes.

“You should call about your brother.”

“Yeah, I will.” I peered down at her, marveling at the way the candlelight highlighted her porcelain skin. Maybe I didn’t want to learn about my brother’s condition. However, it had been confirmed that there had a hit placed on my life. I hadn’t told Lola the truth, fearful she would become unhinged. I’d located the two men, one hiding near the house. The single bullet had stopped him cold. The other had run, making it to the boat before I reached the shore. Although I’d been able to get off several shots, he’d sped away. It was just a matter of time before another attempt would be made.

“Uh-huh. You’ll do exactly as you want.” Her answer was curt even though she smiled, sitting up and yanking her dress closer. “I hope, for your sake, that he’s alive. You need family, Jagger.”

I wasn’t going to tell her how damaging my relationship really was with Gio. There was no need to go into any further detail. She knew enough or maybe too much.

“Do you mind if I see if there’s anything to drink?” she asked, her tone reverting to the submissive woman I’d trained.

“Of course not. Just keep the light off. Take my flashlight.” I waited until she’d dressed and was a few feet away before grabbing my phone. There was a missed call from Michael, which couldn’t be good. He could wait. I checked out the window before dialing the number of the hospital. The connection was shitty, but I made it through on the second try, asking for ICU to avoid the delay.

“Yes, I’m calling to inquire about the condition of Giovanni Calduchi. I’m his brother.” I heard the same glitch in the nurse’s voice, knew that the hesitation meant she was trying to flag down someone of importance. If the FBI was already involved, at least the call was untraceable. I scanned the perimeter, searching for any activity. Finally, the rain had stopped for the night.

“Yes, I’m here.” I swallowed as she spoke, the words clipped and perfunctory. Then I simply ended the call. I stood staring into the blackness until I heard her return and when I spoke, I knew my statement was almost inaudible.

“My brother is dead. My entire family is gone. I am the new don of the Calduchi family.”

* * *

Lola’s breathing was even, indicating some form of peaceful sleep. I’ll admit, I wondered when and if I’d ever be able to sleep soundly again. Everything was far too muddled, reporters slamming the Calduchi family and all gangster-style activity. Anything for sensational news. At least I’d been able to garner some information about what I could expect. A melee of shit.

I studied the way she had her leg wrapped around the blanket before taking a sip of the whiskey she’d found, the single ice cube almost completely melted. The harsh flavor I wasn’t used to, but at least the liquid felt good sliding down my throat. Her comforting arms as I dealt with the news had allowed a relative peace to settle in. She’d never know how much her touch meant, her soft words of wisdom. There was no rulebook for what needed to be done, no script that I could follow, except for the ruthless nature depicted by my father. So be it.

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