Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone

A slight snicker slipped from her mouth. “Of that, I’m certain.”

The hint of anger meant she was building a defense mechanism. Perhaps good for both of us. There were other details, but they would come as soon as we were on the plane. If I could have her in and out of Chicago in twenty-four hours, there might be a chance no one discovered her identity. As long as she was willing to follow orders.

I followed Alvaro’s instructions, parking in an employee lot adjacent to the terminal as well as the runway. Timing was critical, with only a short window from the time the plane rolled onto the tarmac and lift-off. We were merely passengers on an unknown flight and I had to place all my trust in a man I’d known on and off for two years. I was either a fool or a brilliant judge of character. At least there was no other person in sight. Maybe the two assholes had been the only ones sent. If so, I had a single target to worry about. “We are a loving couple as we walk through but keep your eyes open for any disturbances.”

“Do you think they’re here?”

Cutting the engine, I nodded once. “Yes, I do. One way into the country and this is the only airport.” I was surprised I hadn’t heard from Alvaro, leaving me even more on edge.


I couldn’t risk more than a single weapon and would be detained if we were questioned. I had the perfect vantage point, waiting until a small commercial Learjet rolled out from the hangar.

“Our ride?” she asked, blinking several times.

“I believe so.”

Lola placed her hand on mine. “I’ll never see you again?”

“It’s not wise. You’re very important to me but also considered a weakness. We’ve gone through this. I will do anything to protect you, Lola, but in doing so, we both have to make sacrifices. You know what I’m up against.”

“Jagger. I...” She snapped her head away, her shoulders heaving. “I only hope you don’t end up a lonely man. Don’t lock away the man I know, the one who’s kind and loving, caring. If you do, everything will be lost.”

I was already lost.

I couldn’t handle her tears. Cupping her chin, I tugged her head in my direction, ravaging her mouth. I knew all the adages about endings, but I had to let her go. “Everything will be okay.” Rubbing my thumb across her lips, I wanted to remember this moment for as long as possible.

“I love you,” she whispered and dropped her gaze.

The moment I released her, I shut down my final emotion. Now, I would become a killing machine. “Let’s go.”

After grabbing the bags, I kept my hand on her arm as we made our way through the employee gate, using the code I’d been given. Everything seemed in order, three passengers getting onto the plane, very few airport employees around. However, I knew better than to think there wouldn’t be any trouble. The ring of my phone and I tugged her arm, pulling us both into the close to the building.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“The only man at this point I trust.” Before answering, I turned in a full circle. “Alvaro.”

“You’ve been lied to and set up, my friend. Heed my warning. You can’t get on that plane.” I heard the short sentences, the latest in the scathing saga. The ruse had almost been perfect but finding out I was nothing more than a game piece would come with a price.

That is, if I chose to believe what I was hearing.

As we started up the set of stairs, I scanned from right to left. That’s when I noticed the two goons leaving the terminal, going in different directions. Reinforcements had already been brought in. Someone wanted me dead at all costs.

“Get on the plane,” I stated, giving her a slight push until we stood on the small platform.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just do as I say. Stay on the plane no matter what happens.”

“What are you doing?” She shook her head several times.

I closed the distance. “Lola. You said you trusted me before. Now, I need you to continue doing so and to follow my instructions. I can’t make it any clearer.” I kept my tone as authoritative as possible, making certain she understood that I was still her master, at least for another few minutes.

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