Caught:A Dark Mafia Romance

By: Piper Stone



“Yes, sir,” she said through gritted teeth.

I issued a single nod of approval and took a step down, hissing under my breath. Goddamn this shit. The single glance over my shoulder gave me all the courage I needed. The woman I’d fallen hard for would leave this island very much alive.

As for me? I no longer gave a shit.

* * *


Two months later

“Santa Claus is on the roof. He mentioned you were a very naughty girl this year. You’re getting switches and paddles.”

“That’s great.” I vaguely heard Emily’s words. When they finally sank in, I gave her a nasty glare, fighting to keep from shooting my middle finger in her direction. There were far too many customers in the store. “Christmas is two months away, thank you very much. Still time to slide onto that good girl list.” I clicked off the television, shuddering as usual at seeing the news. The reports were infrequent now that the initial bloodshed had been reduced to a minimum. I almost laughed at my own thought. I had no sensitivity to the stories, the gory newscasts. Chicago was a long way away.

“Not gonna happen.” Grinning, Emily wagged her finger. “Honey, you need to stop watching that crap.”

That crap was the latest news regarding the Calduchi organization. The bloodbath had ended, several lives lost but as far as I could tell, Jagger had been protected from any level of prosecution. There was little if any information regarding the man I’d fallen in love with. The only update had been a package with a PO Box, returning the items I’d left in his car in Chicago. I had no way of knowing if he was even still alive. I’d also made contact with his attorney, but that had been over a month before. “Yeah, I know.”

She sidled next to me, keeping her voice low. “I know you care about this guy, but you need to move on. A dangerous criminal? Jesus, girl.”

“You don’t know him, Em. Jagger was...” How could I actually finish the sentence with a good conscience? The man was a calculating monster at best.

“Right. Whatever you say,” she huffed. “You have a life here. Business is booming. You have everything you’ve ever wanted and you’re safe.”

Safe was another word that I’d learn to accept. There’d been no strangers snooping around, no dark cars following me. After the first month, I’d stopped looking over my shoulder. The news that Jagger’s brother was still alive must have been quite a shock. I had no clue whether he’d lied to me or if he’d been told a story himself. I had my thoughts, as if they mattered. “I know.”

“When are you going to fill me in on all the luscious details, by the way?” Emily’s grin was almost infectious, forcing me to smile.

“Maybe this weekend over a bottle of wine, employee of mine.” I gave her an authoritative look.

She held up her hands. “Fine. Be a bitchy boss. I don’t care. I’m having a blast working here. I also have a date for Friday night.” Her eyes sparkled.

“You mean...” My bestie had almost every single male in the place asking her out. For me, I couldn’t even tolerate the idea of dating at this point. I was still in limbo, shocked from the scene out the plane window just seconds before the jet took off—and not for Chicago. At first, I’d thought he’d been shot, but he simply ran away, never having intended on coming back to the States. At least with me. He’d duped me, making certain his buddy found someone going to the lower Eastern half of the United States, the plane landing in Atlanta. From there, I’d rented a car in order to come home. He wanted me to forget about him.

But that was impossible.

You need to hate him. You need to get that asshole out of your mind.

Easier said than done.

“Yes, Jeff is taking me to some fancy restaurant,” Emily said as she fanned her face.

A single shiver trickled down my spine thinking about our first night together, the incredible tropical restaurant and the dance. Jagger could never know what kind of lasting effect he had on me. “Good for you. I’m glad.”

“You need an intervention and fast. Isn’t the tattoo you’re going to have for the rest of your life enough?” She shook her head, an expression of absolute disdain.

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