Claimed As His (Mail Order Brides, 2)

By: Jenika Snow & Sam Crescent

He wanted it to be his cock but for now, he was happy to just feel her come, to watch this exquisite beauty give a part of herself to him that she’d never trusted another man with. This was the true gift that she’d given him, and it was something he’d never be able to replicate.

“I had no idea that it could be like that,” Lucy said.

“With me, every single time could be like that. We’re not done yet. There’s still so much I want to do to you, and the night is young.”


They were nude, the air thick, the sexual chemistry off the charts. The fact he’d made his woman, his wife come had pleasure moving through him, as if he’d gotten off as well. Her pleasure was his.

Ian adjusted his body so he was above her, with her legs spread, and her hips cradling his perfectly. She was hotter than hell and he was so ready for this he was burning alive. His hips jerked on their own accord, and he felt the heat and wetness from her arousal coat his dick. The fucker jerked again, ready to be buried deep in her pussy.

“Please,” she breathed out. “I’m so ready for you, Ian.”

“God, just hearing you say that, begging me, makes me so damn hard, baby.”

Arching, she pressed her hard nipples against his chest. He grabbed her wrists and lifted them above her head, looking down at the way she was stretched for him. He slowly rubbed his thumbs along her wrists, loving the way her skin was so smooth, so warm.

“I want—need—inside of you so damn badly, baby.” Thrusting against her with a little more force, he groaned, not able to stop himself. “I want to feel your tight, hot little pussy spreading around my cock, milking me until I come and fill you up, until I fully make you mine.”

She panted beneath him, crying out for more. “I want you."

He could feel her wetness, her arousal slipping along his length, making him wet with her desire as well. She was primed for him, so ready she was probably about to combust like he was. Before he lost his damn mind altogether, he moved away from her just long enough to grab a condom. He sheathed himself and moved back between her thighs. He didn’t need be unsafe, not right now at least, although truth was, he wanted her filled up with his cum, smelling like him, marked by him.

Grabbing his shaft, he placed the tip at her entrance. As he started pushing into her, inch by slow inch, he watched her face, gauging her reaction to make sure she wasn’t uncomfortable. Her eyes were wide and full of hidden emotion. She was his, and he was claiming her.

He continued sinking into her, feeling every hot part of her pussy ripple along his length. Lowering his face, Ian dragged his lips across hers and murmured, “I won’t let you go. I can’t.” He slowly pulled back out, and when just the head of his dick was at her entrance, he took a deep, calming breath and pushed back in hard.

He kissed her, not stopping until every part of her was engrained in him. He still had both of her wrists secured above her head. He braced his weight on his knees, and with his other hand he gripped the back of her thigh and deepened his penetration. Pulling out and then sinking back in again, he made sure his movements were easy and slow. He gave her body time to adjust to him, to stretch around his cock.

With his mouth pressed to hers he could hear her whispered pleas for him to give her more. They were so close, so fused together that they breathed the same air.

He moved within her, and she mewled for more. In and out he thrust, going as far as he could until the heavy weight of his balls pressed along the crease of her ass every time he pushed back inside of her. They were covered in sweat, their skin slapping together every single time he sank into her.

Not able to help himself, he let his tongue follow a bead of perspiration that had started making its way down her body. He tracked it, following it and sucking that droplet into his mouth.

“Christ, baby, I’m going to come. Please tell me you’re close.” Over and over he plunged into her.

“I’m so close,” she moaned.

“You feel so damn good.” He slammed into her fiercely on the last word, and she cried out in climax.

“God, yes, Ian.”

Harder and faster he sank into her, needing her to get off like he needed his next breath of air. It was right there. He would never let her go. He couldn’t.

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