Claiming Addison

By: Zoey Derrick


Z-Team: Thank you to my beautiful Street Team. You ladies are the best and I love you for everything you do.

Rachel - My BFF, my Numero Uno Beta Reader. Thank you for always being ready, able and willing to read my raw craziness and for loving every word! P.S. Tell your husband he’s welcome!

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To my beautiful Beta Readers: Lisa, Danielle, Vickie, Kali, Liliuokalani and Amy - Thank you for your kindness and willingness to read my mess of a beta copy. Your feedback has been instrumental in creating the story in your hands. Your love of Addison, Talon and Kyle is amazing. Thank you for everything!

To Emily - your words, your encouragement, and your love of my work keeps me going and it keeps me pushing my boundaries. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

For my Fans - Thank you for always wanting more, for reading, and for reviewing my work. Without you I’d have no reason to keep going. Thank you for loving my work.

To Rachel, a.k.a. Parajunkee - Your creativity is an inspiration. Your work is beyond amazing, Thank you for the cover of Claiming Addison and for everything you do to bring my stories to life.

To Debra Anastasia - Thank you for being an amazing woman!! Boobie smash, tackle hug And thank you for writing Poughkeepsie, and for letting Addison read it, she loved it just as much, if not more than I did.

Praise for Claiming Addison and the 69 Bottles Trilogy

“I could go on and on about this book, but I’ll leave you here… and the fact that buying a copy of this book should come with a complimentary change of panties…” ★★★★★ Shurrn - The Smutsonian

“Holy smokes batman! Where is the fire extinguishers? This final book in this trilogy is scorching hot. Must have significant other around when reading this book!" - Beta Reader on 69 Bottles Trilogy

“Simply AMAZING! Definitely a MUST READ for 2015!” ★★★★★ Stephanie - Stephanie’s Book Report

“Good morning, Addison.”

“Hi Raine. I have an appointment with Trinity. Do you know where her assistant is?”

“Uh, no.” Raine looks around like she’s stalling then finally looks at her watch. “Oh sorry, I forgot she had an appointment. Do you want me to let Trinity know you’re here?”

I try very hard to not give her the ‘duh’ look. “That would be great.”

I step back and find a seat. It’s been a long time since I’ve been up on the executive floor of Bold International, Inc. The reception area is pretty modern-posh with a bit of swank thrown in. To be honest, you can tell a man designed it, or at least picked out the furniture, and he certainly wasn’t gay. But if you compare it to the rest of the building, including the actual building itself, it freakin’ fits.

So I’m guessing you’re wondering who I am? Well, that’s easy, I’m Addison, a twenty-nine year old, out of the box redhead from Kansas City. I’ve worked as a PR Rep for Bold International since I graduated from NYU over seven years ago. I was recruited straight out of college and I’ve never looked back. I work strictly with musicians, and let me tell you, it’s the best job in the world. Plus it keeps me on my toes.

“Addison, Trinity is ready for you.”

“Thanks, Raine.” I pick up my bag and head down the hall toward Trinity’s office.

When I get there, her door is closed. I pace back and forth for a moment then see Raine peering around the corner from her desk.

“Go ahead and knock,” she tells me. I turn and face the door, hesitate, then knock gently.

“Come in, Addison,” I hear Trinity say from the other side. I open the door and peek my head in. “Hi Addison, come in.” I push open the door and step inside. “Go ahead and close the door.”

There is a woman with black and blue hair sitting in front of Trinity’s desk. I can see her shoulders are covered in tattoos and there’s something peeking out of the collar of her sleeveless top. “I can wait outside,” I say rather calmly, despite the fact that I have a pretty good inkling of who this woman is.

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