Claiming Addison

By: Zoey Derrick

“Dex!” I hear someone bark from behind him. “Knock your shit off.” I look past both Dex and Peacock to see a tall man, very tall actually, taller than I am by nearly a foot, with light brown shaggy hair with natural highlights and a scruffy beard. But what I'm hypnotized by the most are his vibrant green eyes that have an almost glowing effect. He’s wearing a white t-shirt that’s cut off at the sleeves, a black leather vest, and he has an outrageous amount of tattoos covering his arms. Looking at him makes my mouth water and my pussy weep. Jesus. “You must be Addison,” he says in a sweet, sexy, and completely panty melting voice as he parts the sea of Dex and Peacock. “I’m Talon.”

Oh boy, I’m in trouble. Get your shit in gear, Addison, don’t blow this shit now. Turn off your fucking hormones. He doesn’t want you. He’s just being friendly. “Hi Talon, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I hold out my hand.

He takes it gently in his. “Likewise,” he says without much confidence. God, his hands are huge and warm and callused on the pads of his fingers. There is an electric zing that passes between us when we make contact and my hormones go back into overdrive. If I’m not mistaken, he feels it too. “Likewise,” he says again in that sweet voice. I can feel a collective huff of the men around me and I wonder idly what that’s all about, but I’m having a hard time giving a shit. At least until he lets go of my hand. Good, maybe that means Dex will drop his shit.

“So, Red?” Dex queries. “What the hell possessed you to take this damn gig?”

I snort a laugh. “Honestly, I have no fucking clue.” Thankful for the distraction from Talon, I look to Dex, but that same raging heat is still burning in his eyes. In fact it is in all of their eyes and I suddenly feel like I’m on display as a buffet ready to be eaten at a moment’s notice.

“Alright, guys, let’s let her get settled while we wait for Mouse.”

“That fucker still isn’t here?” Talon growls. “He should’ve been here twenty minutes ago. Kyle, call him when you’re done.” Just then the crowd outside picks up in volume. “Nevermind, he’s here.”

Kyle ushers me past the men. It’s amazing that they all seem to fit on this bus given how big they all are and I can tell right away that Dex is going to be my number one enemy during this tour. I know his type. He’s the drummer. Ironically you’d think that the guitarist and the lead singer would out score the drummer on the women front, but no, they all want the drummer. Which of course has made Dex cocky as fuck.

“Here is the bathroom.” I peek inside and the small counter is littered with a shit ton of hair products, razors, shavers, and brushes. Jesus, there is more shit on there than in my own bathroom. Fucking rock stars. Aside from that, the accommodations are pretty small inside. “The shower is behind the door. It’s narrow, but it is longer than most stand ups. I don’t recommend showering while in motion. It’s a bitch.” He laughs and I join him. The image is pretty comical.

He turns around facing the bunks where Dex and Peacock were standing when I came on board. “This is Mouse,” he points to the lower of the three bunks, “then Peacock, and finally Dex is up top. The guys usually spend most of their time in their racks and I don’t recommend opening the curtains if they’re closed, you never know what you’re going to find. Each one has a TV that hooks into headphones and believe me, there is no shortage of porn on this bus.”

“Fuckin' a Kyle, why you gotta be like that?” Dex says from behind me and I turn in his direction. “Spilling all our fucking secrets and she’s been on the bus for five minutes. What the fuck?”

“Whatever, Dex. She doesn’t need to open your curtain to you spankin' your junk. Don’t need to scare the poor girl.”

“You know what dick, who gives a fuck? She’s on this damn bus, she can fucking get used to it.” I roll my eyes at Dex and he gives me a hard stare. “With you around, my curtain is gonna be closed all the time.” He runs his tongue over his lips like he tastes something sweet and I want to cringe. So much for my weeping pussy-- I knew I should’ve rubbed one out before I left this morning. I mean, come on, they’re fucking rock stars. Of course they're gonna be hot. Who the hell was I kidding?

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