Claiming Addison

By: Zoey Derrick

“Oh, alright.”

“YAY! I’ll send you an email with the details and where to go to pick up your ticket.”

“Alright, sweetheart. Where are you now?”

“I’m in Phoenix. I have a dinner party to attend at my boss’s house here in Phoenix tonight, then we leave for Albuquerque and then onto Galveston and Dallas. I’ll send you the itinerary when I email you about your tickets.”

“Okay, sweetheart.”

“Oh, and mom?”


“I love you.”

“Oh, I love you too, baby. Miss you, and I can’t wait to see you.”

We wrap up our call a few minutes later and then just as I’m about to pick up my laptop to send her an email, Talon and Kyle come strolling into the suite.

“We told you no working,” Talon scolds.

I scowl. “I’m not. I’m emailing my mom information on the Kansas City show.”

“You’re bringing your mom to our concert?” The look on Talon’s face is amused.

“Yes, we’re only in town for the show. I won’t have time to see her otherwise while we’re there. Besides, I think she’d like it and apparently I’m being held to my pre-orgasm promise of performing with you for the rest of the tour, so not being there poses a problem, wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, I’d let you off for your mom, but since she’s coming, nah, you’re on, baby.” He smiles and bends down, kissing me on the cheek. That’s when I notice the massive amount of bags the two of them are carrying.

“You guys shop more than girls. What is all that?”

They both give me Cheshire grins. “Oh baby girl, this isn’t for us.” Kyle wiggles his eyebrows.

“Oh for crying out loud, I don’t need that much stuff,” I scold.

“Well, it isn’t all just for you, you know,” Talon says and they set the bags down. “Time to model.”

I roll my eyes and stand up, trying to see what’s inside. “Oh no, you don’t. We will decide what you try on first.”

I cross my arms over my chest, pout and tap my foot. “Well then, let’s get this over with.”

“Do I even want to know how much money you two spent today?” I tease them as I finish trying on the last of the clothes they bought for me today. There are three pairs of shoes, a couple pairs of pants, some shirts, and a few more rock chick risqué outfits for shows.

“It doesn’t matter. But since you’ll be performing with us, you needed some clothes to wear.” Talon grins. “Besides, we had a hell of a lot of fun doing it.” Then he laughs.

“How am I going to take all this stuff with us? My suitcase is crammed full enough as it is. I can’t fit this in those bags.”

“Oh don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too,” Kyle says. “It’s just not here yet.” He smirks.

I point to one more bag on the floor, but I notice that inside that bag is another black plastic bag. “What’s in there?”

Talon and Kyle look at each other. “That’s something we can show you later.”

I roll my eyes. “Why not now?”

“Because if we show you, we’ll have to break them in and we don’t have time for that.” Kyle smiles a wicked, playful grin.

“You didn’t?” I scoff.

“We didn’t do anything,” Talon counters but his grin only gets more devious.

“You went to a toy store, didn’t you?” They both bust out laughing and I shake my head. “Seems I’m not the only one excited by the prospect of being taken by both of you at the same time.”

They both laugh and the air grows heavy with sexual tension, but Kyle deflects it. “We have something for you to wear tonight,” he says, then walks around the wall toward the door of the suite. When he comes back he is holding a black garment bag that has another plastic bag hanging from it. I watch as Kyle removes the bag and Talon steps over to him to pull down the zipper on the bag.

Inside is a deep purple halter top, though the halter aspect is basically spaghetti straps that go around the neck. There are two additional straps that fall down the backside of the hanger. Talon unhooks the hanger from the clasp inside the bag and pulls it out. He turns it around. The two straps hanging down the back of the halter connect to the sides of the top and then there is a deep cowl drop in the back that will showcase my entire back. The bottom of the top is tapered with elastic so that when it sits on my hips it will balloon out in the front.

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