Claiming His Wife (Unlikely Love)

By: Sam Crescent

“Do you want some wine, Petal?” he asked, using the nickname he used to call her.

“No, thank you. Water for me.”

“You know, I never understand these menus. I want a good meal. Are you hungry?”

She nodded her head. She was starving. Ever since he’d mentioned going out to a restaurant she’d been so nervous that trying to keep food down was the hardest thing.

“So, you don’t like wine. What else don’t you like?” he asked, gazing at her over the menu.

Opal didn’t know what he meant. She said the first thing that came to her mind. “Peas. I don’t like peas. Or celery.”

He threw his head back and started laughing, attracting the attention of several of the diners. “You amaze me some days, Petal.”

“I’m glad I entertain you.” She twirled her thumbs.

“We don’t have to be like this,” he said.

“Be like what?”

“Awkward around each other. You’re my wife, Opal. You don’t need to be skittish around me.”

She heard everything he said with a heavy heart. On her wedding day he’d told her to not expect anything from him. He leaned over the table and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She stared at him. His action made her tighten all over her body with his touch, the brush of his finger against her cheek, moving over to her ear.

“I can’t stop thinking about that kiss. Your lips were made for kissing.” Tony ran his thumb over her lips before pulling away.

Opal licked her lips wondering if she would be able to taste him on her tongue.

“You drive me crazy when you do that. I see your tongue, and I imagine so many things.” He’d never been like this with her. She could only imagine that this was his way of seducing her. The touches and the way he spoke. She knew she was way out of her league.

“What things do you imagine?” The whole restaurant faded away to her, Tony being the only man who existed to her. When she looked at any other person from the opposite sex she didn’t react the way she did with Tony. Except with him, her heart didn’t pound in her chest or make her ache all over to simply be near. She was a married woman who cared deeply for a husband she barely knew.

“Do you really want to know?” he asked. He took hold of her hand, caressing her knuckles.


“I see you naked on my bed, begging me to come to you. Have you ever been with a man, Opal?”

She shook her head.

“I’m a fucking monster for the things I want to do to you.”

“What kind of things?” Her body was humming for him to tell her. She wanted to know if he wanted what she wanted.

He opened his lips to say something. A loud crash interrupted the moment. Their attention was diverted by the sound, the moment lost. When Tony looked back at her, he was back in control.

She pulled her hand away and stared at the menu. Her pulse pounded in her throat, and she was sure her panties were soaking wet. Arousal. She’d read about it many times. Never had she thought to be so deeply affected by it. At twenty-two years old her only experience with sex was the stuff she’d read in dirty books. She wondered if Tony had seen the kind of stuff she’d been reading.

“I think pasta will be our safest bet.”

The moment was truly lost.


Tony moved on his spot to try to ease his aching cock. Fucking hell, every time he got close to her his body responded with his dick getting hard. When had he stopped thinking of her as Richard’s younger sister and as the woman she truly was? He wished he could look at her and see the pig-tails and the dungarees she use to wear.

No matter how many times he looked, Opal didn’t change. Her figure was that of a woman. She was a little chunkier than most women in their circles. He’d known about her weight issues from Richard. She had larger hips with a small waist. When he looked at her, he saw his hands on her hips, guiding himself inside her body. Tony closed his eyes to try to rid the image of her from his mind. Her tits were huge, and he knew they’d spill out of his hands with the weight. Her legs were short, and he hadn’t seen anything above the knee. She kept every part of her covered. He wanted to see what she had underneath. Her blonde hair pulled him in every time. The length made him think about holding her in his fist.

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