Doctor's Baby (The Billionaire's Secret Book 8)

By: R. S. Elliot

Aidan grinned.

“Good. She seems pretty tough. She’ll get through it just fine,” he assured me.

His comforting words meant a lot to me. They were exactly what a mother wanted to hear, and it helped that he was a doctor. “Yeah, I’m letting her sleep now. She definitely needs the rest.”

Aidan nodded his agreement, shifting on his feet again. A sigh then broke from him, like he had been holding his breath. “I think we met at a wedding party like six or so years ago.”

My eyes widened in shock. He did remember me. My heart started racing as I stared at him, my thoughts going haywire. What did I say now? What if he pieced things together and realized that Natalie was his kid? I didn’t think that I could handle all of that right now. I wanted to run and hide.

“Right?” Aidan asked with a chuckle, making sure that he was thinking the right thing. I hadn’t exactly confirmed or denied anything.

“Yeah, we did. Crazy night,” I said, forcing a laugh. It had been a crazy night, but it was a good type of crazy. When I really thought about our time together, it made me feel warm all over. He made me feel so comforted, so beautiful in his eyes. Maybe it was the alcohol doing the talking and thinking for both of us, but we hit it off pretty well at that party.

“It was a good night,” Aidan said as he smiled at me.

A fluttering feeling filled my stomach at the sight of his charming smile. I remembered it so clearly from six years ago, and it still had the same effect on me now. If I was standing, I would be weak at the knees. I couldn’t let him know that, though. I couldn’t let him close like that. What if he found out everything? I had to keep my distance for the well-being of me and my daughter.

“I don’t remember much. I’m sure it was fun,” I said casually. I couldn’t believe how easily I lied. I remembered so much from that night because he had such a drastic impact on me, more than any other man. I didn’t know what it was about him, but he struck me harder than anyone else.

Aidan’s smile seemed to waver slightly, but he nodded. “Yeah. Well, I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

I felt my defenses crumble slightly. He actually sounded kind of upset. Maybe my response was kind of cold. He was just trying to be friendly, and he helped Natalie out a lot. If he hadn’t figured things out yet, I doubted that he would piece things together if I just had a friendly chat with him every once in a while. We were neighbors after all.

“Thank you. And thanks for helping Natalie. I was really worried about her, but you put me at ease,” I told him sincerely. I felt like I could actually start getting settled in my house now that I knew that Natalie was recovering.

Aidan seemed to brighten a little. “It’s my pleasure,” he said, sharing that cheeky grin of his that made my heart skip. “If you want, I can come check on her after work later.”

My eyes grew slightly wider at his suggestion. It was incredibly kind of him to offer, but I couldn’t make him go out of his way to do that. He was a busy guy, and it probably wasn’t a good idea to invite him in even closer. However, I wanted to make sure that Natalie was okay. My daughter’s wellbeing came before any insecurity or fear that I had.

“That would be great. Thank you,” I replied with a nod. I was sure that it was just going to be a quick, innocent visit. It wasn’t like we were flirting and touching up on each other like we did six years ago. We were just acting like regular neighbors right now, and that was how things needed to stay.

“Of course,” Aidan said before lifting his hand in a wave. “Off to work. See you later.”

I waved back, willing my heart rate to slow down as he started to walk away. Uncontrollably, my eyes trailed him all the way to his car until he drove off and disappeared. I let out a sigh and tilted my head back, closing my eyes. I couldn’t believe how much had happened since I moved away from home.

I couldn’t help but wonder if all these events were signs. Did I need to go back home, or were these signs an invitation to stay? I had no idea what to make of them, but they were definitely making this move interesting. I just hoped that things would start to settle down and go back to normal soon.

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