Doctor's Baby (The Billionaire's Secret Book 8)

By: R. S. Elliot

Uninterested in the sunrise and my coffee now, I headed back inside to busy myself with opening some boxes. I had a house to decorate, and I wanted to find some of Natalie’s toys and games before she woke up. I wondered how she would take to having a visitor. She seemed to like Aidan, and I didn’t know whether to be thrilled about that or not.

Everything was confusing right now, but I had no choice but to keep going on with my life and hoping that nothing disastrous happened. The tension was there, though.

I was caught in the build-up of something, but I had no idea what it was going to lead to.

Chapter Five


Usually, I was fired up to go to work.

This was a rare day when I wanted to stay home but had to drag myself to the hospital. It was all because of Jenna. Ever since she had shown back up, my mind had been in a spiral. I didn’t know why this one girl was affecting me so much.

I even offered to check on her kid after work when I knew that I would be exhausted. I just knew that she was worried about her daughter, so I wanted to put her mind at ease even more. I wasn’t going to pry again after this. I was going to stay in my lane and go about my own life.

When I got to the hospital, I got dressed and hit the ER, taking over any new patient that I could to distract my mind. It was sad that I had to actively distract myself not to think about her, but at least I was being useful and not just wandering around, lost in thought about her. I wasn’t about to act like some lovestruck fool. That wasn’t me.

However, what I couldn’t shake was how uninterested she seemed about our night together. I thought that it was a great, memorable night. She seemed like she couldn’t care less. Admittedly, that stung a little, even if it shouldn’t. Did I bore her or something? Maybe I didn’t make a lasting impression on her.

“Dr. Everard.”

I snapped out of my thoughts as I stood in the hallway right outside of the ER, turning around to face a nurse. I believed her name was Kim. She was a few years out of nursing school, but she had the bouncy attitude of a college student. She was cute too with her medium-length, black hair and sparkling smile.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I asked her, figuring she had an update for me about one of my patients.

“I was about to grab a cappuccino from the break room. I just wanted to see if you wanted one,” Kim replied as she sauntered up to me, smiling at me.

I grinned back at her, but I did it more to be polite. My eyes swept over her as she moved close to my side. She was cute. Really cute. Usually, I would be buying what she was selling and subtly flirting back, but I just didn’t feel like it for some reason. “I’m fine. Thanks.”

Kim pouted slightly as she placed her hand on my bicep. “Are you sure? It wouldn’t be any trouble.”

Something was wrong with me. I would’ve flirted up and down with her, but I had nothing for her, like I had some sort of weird mental block. It was probably because I was wondering why Jenna seemed so nonchalant …

Even if I didn’t want it to, it bothered me.

“I’m fine. I should go check on some patients,” I replied, prying myself away from her and walking down the hallway. I let out a sigh, wishing I could scrub my brain clean from Jenna. She was putting me off my game. What else could she possibly do to me? I was nervous to find out, but I couldn’t bring myself to just walk away. I made a commitment to her today, and deep down, I was looking forward to it.

Once I got off my shift, I drove home a little faster than normal.

It was around seven at night, so I hoped that it wasn’t too late for me to swing by and check on Natalie. Hopefully, she had gotten better throughout the day, but I would be able to tell once I saw her. I parked in my driveway before walking over to Jenna’s house with my medicine bag, absentmindedly adjusting the collar of my grey button-down shirt before knocking on the door.

A few moments later, Jenna opened the door, almost seeming shocked at the sight of me for a second. “Oh, hi. Come in,” she said as she stepped to the side.

I nodded my thanks before walking into her house. It didn’t look much different from mine, but most of these houses had a cookie-cutter layout. What was different was that most of her things were still in boxes scattered throughout the house. “Settling in okay?”

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