Doctor's Baby (The Billionaire's Secret Book 8)

By: R. S. Elliot

I watched him go, feeling unsure about his words. I was perfectly happy with how my life was now. There was no reason to go about ruining it for a wife and kids. Maybe that made me selfish, but working in a hospital constantly reminded me that I only had one life to live. I was going to have plenty of fun while I was still kicking and not cut up on some table.

Once I got in the locker room, I headed to my locker to get ready for a shift. I could always use these hours for time off this weekend to do something fun. That was when the party started. I turned my pager on and pulled on my dark blue scrubs and white coat, feeling at home in these clothes since I wore them so much.

I was just about to close my locker and hunt down a patient to work on when my phone started ringing. I grunted in annoyance, snatching up my phone to see who was calling me in the middle of the day. It better be important. I checked the caller ID to see that it was my older brother, Jared.

I was the middle child out of two brothers, Jared and Dean. Even if I was a hotshot doctor, they weren’t fazed by my success in the slightest because they were doing pretty well for themselves too. Jared was a professor at the local university, while Dean was a fitness trainer that owned his own gym. I was proud of them, but I was totally beating them in brag points.

“What’s up?” I spoke once I answered the call.

“What’s up? I thought you were a doctor, not a teenager,” Jared smirked.

I rolled my eyes. Jared could act a bit pretentious because he knew that he was so smart. Guess what? I passed medical school, so I was smart too. I couldn’t imagine trying to teach anyone, though. I didn’t have the patience. I just wanted to dive headfirst into the situation.

“Someone better be dying for you to be calling me right now,” I said, tapping my foot impatiently. My pager hadn’t gone off yet, but it could at any second. If I was still on the phone, Jared was going to be greeted by a click. I wasn’t going to turn down a distressed patient for my brother.

“Mom said you were off today. Are you busy?” Jared asked, sounding confused.

“I’m just working a few hours today,” I replied. I wouldn’t be here all day, but I figured I could pitch in a hand for a little while. It seemed like I had picked a bad day since it was so slow, though.

“Yeah, it better only be a few hours. Dinner with the family is tonight, remember?” Jared reminded me.

I cursed under my breath as I tilted my head back to look up toward the ceiling. I completely forgot that I was supposed to go to my parents’ house tonight for a family dinner. We did these at least twice a month to keep everyone in the loop with each other since everyone was so busy.

“Right. Yeah, I’ll be there,” I said. If I tried to miss dinner, my mom would literally snatch me up and drag me to the house. She took family time seriously, especially when we all moved out of the house. She didn’t fare too well as an empty nester.

“Seven o’clock,” Jared told me firmly.

“Seven o’clock,” I repeated, promising him that I would be there. I was tired from my trip anyway, so going out to a bar or something seemed even more tiring. I could save that for this weekend.

“All right, see you then,” Jared replied before hanging up.

I sighed as I lowered the phone from my ear. It seemed like my plans were made for tonight. I wasn’t opposed to attending family dinners. It made my parents happy because they wanted to hear about all of our accomplishments. I didn’t know how they managed to raise three successful sons, but they were definitely good at the whole parenting thing.

I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was in middle school. Even when I failed science in the seventh grade or almost flunked algebra in high school, my parents never told me that I couldn’t be a doctor. They just pushed me harder, even getting me a tutor so that I wouldn’t struggle with the subjects that I needed to grasp the most.

All of that support paid off because I earned a scholarship at a great college. I won another scholarship during my undergraduate that helped me with tuition for medical school. All throughout that time, my parents have cheered me on, and they did the same for my brothers. I could handle family dinners for my parents after all that they had done for me.

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