Doctor's Baby (The Billionaire's Secret Book 8)

By: R. S. Elliot

I didn’t blame him for that. I just wished that he remembered me because I remembered him. Natalie was a constant reminder of him. She looked so much like him with her blonde hair and blue eyes. I felt like an outcast with my brown hair and green eyes. She hardly looked like my child.

“Let’s go to the pharmacy real quick,” I told Natalie as I helped her off the table.

“I want ice cream,” Natalie said as she held my hand and walked with me out of the room.

I brightened up a little. She actually wanted to eat something. It wasn’t anything all that nourishing, but if she wanted ice cream, I was going to get her ice cream. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind some ice cream either. This experience was shocking to say the least.

“Chocolate?” I asked her as I smiled down at her.

“Strawberry!” Natalie replied as she smiled back. It was one of the few smiles that I had seen on her during the past few days. One of those smiles had been for Aidan too.

“We’ll get whatever you want,” I promised her. Maybe I was also kissing up a little because I had this unsettling fear that Natalie would want to be with Aidan more than me. What if I told him and something bad happened? Natalie could love him more and want to spend more time with him, even after it was just me and her for so many years.

I shook my head at myself. I was losing it. Something crazy like that would never happen. Aidan was a doctor, living his best life, probably with a perfect girlfriend in a big house. Why would he even bother to look our way when we were just a speck on his radar?

That was probably for the best. He could live his life, and Natalie and I could live ours. It was uncomplicated, and I wanted things to remain that way. I just got a new job, and Natalie was about to start kindergarten.

This was a new chapter of our lives, and I wasn’t going to let the past disrupt the future that we deserved.

Chapter Three


I found myself rushing into an empty break room right after I left the examination room.

I shut the door behind me and slumped down into the sofa, staring ahead with a shocked look on my face as I tried to process my thoughts. Had I just seen Jenna after six years?

I thought that I would never see her again after our time together at my friend’s wedding. I did a lot of drinking that night, but no amount of alcohol could make me forget the night that we had together.

“Another whiskey. Neat,” I told the bartender as people danced and laughed behind me, celebrating Tom and Valorie’s official union  . I hadn’t spoken to Tom in a while, but he had been one of my close friends in medical school. Plus, I couldn’t turn down the fully stocked bar, the flock of hot bridesmaids, and the surprisingly good wedding cake.

I could’ve been on the dancefloor with a woman in my arms right now, but I wasn’t feeling it. Maybe all the cheesy wedding stuff was getting to my head. Hearing all of those vows and promises to love one another no matter what didn’t exactly have me in the hook-up mindset.

It was nice seeing Tom so happy, though. Valorie seemed like a nice girl. They had been attached at each other’s hip all night, looking at each other like they wanted to cry because they loved each other so much. It seemed like a bit much to me, but at least I had a full bar to enjoy.

When the bartender placed my whiskey in front of me, I grabbed the cold glass, preparing to down it until someone threw themselves onto the barstool next to mine. I turned to see a woman in a fitted blue dress with mascara streaks beneath her eyes. It looked like she had just gotten done sobbing her eyes out.

“Just get me something. Something strong,” she told the bartender as she sniffled. She brushed her fingers through her hair, pulling the brown waves behind her shoulders. Even with the streaked makeup, she was a beautiful girl, but she looked devastated.

“You weren’t an ex of Tom’s right?” I asked her as I leaned toward her.

The woman looked over at me before letting out a pitiful laugh. “Honestly, I would prefer that.”

I smiled a little, glad to see that she was okay enough to laugh. Maybe I could cheer her up. I didn’t like seeing anyone this sad. I saw plenty of people crying in the hospital, and it was never a nice sight. I doubted that she was crying over someone dying right now, but she didn't need to be crying at a wedding. She needed to be having fun!

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