Doctor's Baby (The Billionaire's Secret Book 8)

By: R. S. Elliot

“What happened?” I asked her.

“I just caught my fiancé with one of the bridesmaids,” she replied, her body seeming to slump as the rest of her humor and happiness left her. When the bartender placed a glass full of some sort of strong liquor in front of her, she snatched up the glass and downed it.

My eyes widened as I stared at her. I wasn’t expecting that, but that was pretty bad. That warranted getting drunk at a wedding.

“It was the blonde bridesmaid, wasn’t it?” I asked her.

“How did you know?” she asked, her eyes shooting over to mine.

I shrugged. “Just had a feeling,” I replied before taking a sip of my drink. The blonde had been eyeing me earlier too, but I hadn’t been interested. In fact, no one had really spurred my interest until now.

“I wish I had a feeling. I never thought that he would do this to me,” she muttered as she shook her head.

I frowned a little, feeling her sadness radiate off her in waves. I was all about having a good time, but cheating was an awful line to cross. Some people weren’t meant to be in relationships. Maybe I was one of them, but I would never cheat on my partner or sleep with anyone I knew had a partner.

“I doubt this helps, but he’s an idiot for choosing her over you,” I said as I leaned close to her so that she could hear me over the dance music playing behind us. She was a gorgeous girl, and her ex-fiancé was a moron for losing her just to mess around with a flirty bridesmaid.

A small smile crossed her lips as she looked over at me. “Thank you. I’m Jenna,” she introduced herself, sticking her hand out.

I shook her hand, feeling a strange fluttering sensation in my chest. I cleared my throat to get rid of the feeling, not understanding what it was. “Aidan. Can I buy you another drink? It seems like you need it.”

“I look that pitiful, huh?” Jenna smirked.

“Hey, I was already sitting at the bar drinking the night away when you showed up. We can be pitiful together,” I pointed out before lifting my hand to flag down the bartender. “Whatever she wants.”

“I’ll do a vodka cranberry,” Jenna told the young bartender before turning her head to look at me. “So, why are you sulking by the bar?”

“I have no idea. I guess weddings just aren’t my thing,” I replied. I felt almost uneasy here. Maybe I was just tired. I had to catch a flight here to make it to this wedding with hardly a few hours to spare after a long shift at work, so I was low on sleep. I almost considered going back to my hotel earlier, but I’m glad I stayed.

“I feel that way right now,” Jenna said. She happily accepted her drink and took a few deep sips, sighing with her straw nestled in the corner of her mouth. “I think I’m just going to drink until I can’t remember him.”

She seemed like a nice girl. She was just having a hard time. It was unfortunate someone like her had been dragged down so low by some scumbag. If I wasn’t going to participate in the after party festivities, then I was going to make it my point to put a smile on her face. I was definitely having more fun now that she was here.

“Want some company?” I asked her. It wasn’t fun to drink alone, and I wouldn’t mind chatting and drinking with her some more to have some sort of entertainment during this party.

Jenna smiled warmly at me. “You’d stay with me?”

Her reaction was cute, making my heart skip slightly. I held up my drink to her. “We might as well suffer together.”

Jenna laughed, the sound making a warm feeling fill me. What was with all these weird sensations? I had been tipsy plenty of times and never felt this weird. She clinked her glass against mine. “Cheers to that.”

I didn’t know how many hours we sat there and talked. We didn’t even talk about anything important, but it was one of the best conversations that I ever had. We chatted about our college days, old childhood memories, and impossible dreams for the future. We were happy talking to each other, and the night didn’t seem so bad anymore.

Gradually, we started to move closer and closer to each other. Our legs touched. Our arms brushed. We leaned close near each other’s ears to talk. I couldn’t count how many times we reached out to squeeze each other’s hands and held on a little too long to be friendly. Then, we got too close to retreat.

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