Dominant Professor

By: Mia Luxe

She showed up to my first class in an outfit that screamed “I don’t care”. She wore a baggy sweatshirt and pants, yawning in the back row. Willow was obviously hungover from a dorm party, and I could tell she barely dragged herself out of bed and to my class.

She could have been dressed in a potato sack and she still would have had the same effect on me. I couldn’t keep my eyes from burning holes into her. The second I started my lecture, her bored look turned into rapt attention.

Next class, she had a different look. She sat in the front row so I wouldn’t miss it.

A tight short-sleeved ribbed knit sweater hugged her pert breasts. Her short navy blue skirt rode scandalously high up her thigh, and she crossed and uncrossed her legs deliberately as I lectured, making me pause in my words as I imagined her tight, untouched pussy. Her perfect young body makes the animal in me growl and fight to take control, the animal in me that wants to grab her hips and thrust every inch of my cock deep inside her and fill her with my seed.

I’m going to feel her legs wrap around me as I pound her into a whimpering, mewling mess of pleasure until she can never be satisfied without me.

My cock surges powerfully as I sit at my desk, all the blood racing into it as I ache to take her.

I’m going to take her perfect, 18-year old body and turn her into a toy for me, fill her with my cum and claim her.

I rip my mind out of the fantasy and back to the paper in front of me.

It’s pure brilliance.

I asked my students to write a two-page essay on what draws criminals into organized crime. Willow’s reads like a graduate-level response.

She’s the top student in my class, but she’s going to be kicked out of university if she doesn’t shape up.

She's been running wild for her entire young life.

She's wasting her potential, wasting her brilliant mind drinking and partying.

I’m going to teach her discipline.

Breaking the Rules

Willow - Friday October 31st

I want professor Connor Bold to take my virginity. I don’t want to “lose” my virginity to him. I want him to take it. I can see the hunger in his eyes when he looks at me, a dark, animal hunger that gives me a window into his soul. He isn’t like anyone I’ve ever seen before. He certainly isn’t like the two meatheads in my dorm room.

I’m surrounded by boys, and he is a man.

The vodka burns as I drain the red solo cup and slam it down on the table. Shelly, my dorm-mate, is trying her best to keep pace. She’s gentle but naïve, and she’s had five different guys over since the semester started. The two football players sitting on the other side of our little table are so alike they could be twins, short dark hair and thick muscular bodies. Cody and Kevin don’t even try to conceal their lust as they stare at me.


I can’t blame them, not really. It’s Halloween, and I’m wearing a slutty costume. Not a revealing costume, not a scandalous costume. A slutty costume.

I’m wearing a tiny little plaid skirt paired with a tight white top tied together at the front. My pure white stockings stretch up past my knees, and the pigtails and scarlet lipstick complete the look.

I’m the dirty little fantasy. The sexy schoolgirl.

I thought of professor Bold as I picked out the outfit, thought of him as I put it on. I pictured his strong jawline, his tall, muscular body, his commanding, dominant presence.

If only I was confident enough to show up to his office hours wearing this, just to see professor Bold’s reaction.

Would he be able to resist breaking the rules?

Imagining his eyes devouring me as I stood before him. Imagining his hand coming down hard on my ass.

The thought makes me wriggle in my seat.

Kevin lets out a burp, bringing me back to reality. He reaches forward to grab the bottle of vodka.

“Alright ladies, one more shot and let’s hit the road.”

Shelly groans.

“No way. I’m not taking another shot!”

Kevin leers at Shelly, sloshing the liquid back and forth in the vodka bottle.

“Oh hell yes you are. I could run my god-damn Dodge Charger on this rocket fuel! We’re going to take it down like champions.”

He pours a healthy dose of liquid fire into all four of our red solo cups over Shelly’s protests. My throat is still roiling from the last shot, but I’m determined to keep up with these two meatheads. When you can’t have what you want, you can always have vodka.

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