Dominant Professor

By: Mia Luxe

She sounds so proud of herself that it makes my skin itch.

I nod, understanding her ploy.

“He thought of his daughter and let you off easy.”

“Exactly. So professor Bold, are you going to let me off easy?” She smirks, every inch of her being daring me to take matters into my own hands.

Her voice is more confident than before. I’ve been asking her questions about her past, not threatening to report her to the dean, and the wheels in her head are turning. Looking for a way out of her newest predicament.

She thinks she can play me like she played that judge.

The college is empty this early in the morning. No one would hear her yelp if I spanked her gorgeous ass red. No one would know as I tasted her young, off-limits pussy and made her scream out in pleasure.

Suddenly she can’t meet my eyes, her cheeks flushed with desire. She wants, no, she needs me to take her hard. My cock throbs painfully in need, aching to be inside of her.

She’s going to learn who’s in control.

"That's been your strategy, and it's worked. You're a chameleon. You find out what people want, and you become that version of yourself to charm, seduce, and manipulate. Just like you let that button pop open so you can show off your body to me."

Her cheeks flush red with anger, and she swiftly buttons up her top. When her shirt is properly buttoned, I continue.

“I knew exactly what you were doing when you showed up to my second class in that body-hugging sweater and skirt so short you knew I almost got a glimpse of your perfect little pussy when you uncrossed your legs. You have a fitting name, Willow. The Willow bends into any shape the wind wants it to, and never breaks."

She bites her lip and looks straight into my eyes, her eyes burning embers of need and power. Her words are perfectly clear through the haze of alcohol.

"My perfect little pussy? You want me, professor Bold. You’re a dirty professor, aren’t you? Don’t you know it’s against the rules to talk like this to a student?"

I reach forward and take her chin in my hand. She doesn’t flinch and I feel her smooth skin, imagining exactly what I would do to her. How tight she would be, how she would struggle to take my cock at first and the way she'd moan and scream when I fuck her hard with every throbbing inch.

"You've been living out your life being what other people want. You need to start admitting what you want."

She trembles under my hand, and I can see the desire pulsing through her young, fertile body.

"Say what you want, Willow."

She can't meet my eyes, her words quieter now. Her facade of defiance has cracked. I press her chin up gently, forcing her to meet my eyes.

"I want you, professor Bold."

"What do you want me to do to you?"

She pauses. Her eyes close.

“I want you to take my virginity.”

Her virginity. She's untouched, innocent and unclaimed. When I'm finished with her, she will be ruined for any other man.

Her eyes flash open again, and I see how nervous she is. Under all her defiance and brattiness, she’s unsure of herself.

“You’ve been running wild, Willow. I can teach you what you need. Discipline.”

I let go of her chin, craving the touch of her flesh. Knowing that one more second of contact and I won’t be able to restrain myself from taking her hard, right here, right now.

She wriggles in her seat, her whole being overwhelmed by my commanding voice.

“Teach me, professor Bold.”

Each word is hot with desire. The scent of vodka in her breath hardens my words.

“I’m going to do more than teach you. I’m going to train you, Willow.”

She moans softly at my words, her hand running down her thigh.

“I'm going to train you to be the perfect little submissive that you've always wanted to be. I can see through you, Willow, to that smoldering desire that's built up inside you. You've never found a man worthy of taming you... until now.

Her nipples are so hard I can see them through her shirt, diamonds begging to be pinched and pulled. My words hypnotize her, her lust overwhelming. It's all I can do to stop myself from letting my inner animal out, growling and fucking her into a puddle of submission.

Every muscle in my body is tense, my heart pounding with my need to fill her with my hot cum. But I know I can't, not like this, while she's still drunk from the night before.

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