Dominant Professor

By: Mia Luxe

Yes, so fucking badly, more than anything.

His words send heat through my body, and I can feel myself getting wet. He's so comfortable, sitting back in his chair, his legs wide. I can't meet his eyes, feeling shy and vulnerable. Instead my eyes travel over the tight sweater that hugs his powerful body, his light grey pants and the thick shape of his cock. I can see it straining against his clothing, wanting me.

How can he be so in control with his cock rock hard?

The massive length of his cock hard and pulsing in his pants fills me with confidence.

He wants me. He wants me just as bad as I want him.

“I do still want that, professor Bold.”

The slightest hint of a smile comes to his face. Then it becomes stern and hard.

“Being my submissive means following the rules. Strict rules. You don't have a good record of following rules."

“I’ll follow the rules, professor,” I say too quickly, wriggling in my seat. I want so badly to straddle him, to feel his pulsing cock against my body and his hands all over me. My whole body is on fire with hot need, from the tips of my aching, hard nipples down to the slickness between my thighs.

This is something darker than any need I’ve had before. A need that I've pushed down farther and farther inside of me, a need that's boiling over. Controlling me.

He lifts up one finger.

"First rule. If you are ever uncomfortable or need to pause, you say the safe-word. Cherry. Say it for me."

"Cherry," I repeat, and the first rule makes everything so much more real.

He holds up a second finger.

"If you want to be my submissive, you don't drink, you get your assignments done, and you finish this term. If you can't show me you have the discipline to get your life back on track, you will never have the discipline to be my submissive."

What the hell does my school have to do with submitting to professor Bold? What right does he have to tell me I can't go out and party?

"Say it."

I bite my lip. This is different than I was expecting. I was expecting to be trained by a dominant man, not controlled.

Then I imagine breaking his rules.

His hand slapping down on my ass and teaching me a lesson.

I can’t take this, I’m so fucking turned on.

"I won't drink, I won't flunk out."

"Good.” He holds up a third finger. “When you're here, you do everything I say."


He nods. "Yes. Anything. You have to trust me not to push you past your boundaries… and if I do, you use the safe-word."

I brush a wisp of hair that fell in front of my face to the side.

“I’ll do everything you say.”

He nods, and holds up a fourth finger.

“Final rule. If you need to be punished, you take your punishment.”

It’s like I’m in a trance. He's so fucking powerful as he sits back in his chair, and my eyes dart to his hand, imagining him meting out a harsh punishment on my bottom.

God, I want it so bad. I need to be punished right now.

"If I need to be punished, you punish me," I mirror his words, hearing the dark heat in my own voice. Those dirty words push me over the edge. I don't care what happens, I need him, and bad. He lowers his hand to his leg.

I finally meet his eyes. They are dark pools of need, animal heat that burns hotter than the fire. His muscles tense and flex under his sweater. He looks like a man about to lose control.

I'm doing this to him.


I stand up, the flickering light of the fire illuminating me.

“Take off your clothes for me,” he says, leaning back with his hands clasped behind his head. His words send a shock through me.

I’ve never been completely naked in front of a guy before. I’ve fumbled in the dark, but the light of the fire will completely expose me.

I promised to do everything he said.

I take a deep breath and reach down to pull off my boot.

“No. Those last,” says Connor, his voice strained with need.

I bite my lip and pull my dress off over my head. I stand in front of him in the black lacy underwear I picked out, just for him. Just for Connor Bold. His eyes devour me, green pools of need. His look of pure lust fills me with confidence.

He loves my body.

I toss my dress on the chair and stand in front of him, wanting him to give me another order before I continue.

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