Double Blind

By: Vanessa Waltz

(Vittorio Crime Family #2)

I’m in so deep that I can’t see the way out.

The boss of the Rizzo family needs me. I need to get closer to Carmine Lucchesi, a captain in his family. I need to steal information from him. He’s a sweet man, but underneath there’s something damaged, something deranged.

The boss wants me to leave Vincent, the man I love. End the engagement. I'm with Carmine until he says so. Until I get what he needs.

Or he’ll kill Vincent. He’ll kill my mother, and Vincent’s mother, and everyone I've ever cared about.

I don’t have a choice. I need to end it with him, even though I love him. Even though it just might kill me.

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She stands in the middle of my bedroom, blindfolded. My black tie wraps around her head. Even though she’s clothed, her limbs shiver because she’s waiting for me. Her mouth is parted, almost as if she seeks my lips. Tiny hands grope the air, searching for my warmth. The leather collar I bought for her wraps around her little neck.

Standing there, I watch her for a moment. She looks so deliciously vulnerable. I take a few silent steps until I’m standing right behind her.

Sensing my movement, she turns.


I grab the ring affixed to her collar and yank her backwards into my chest. My fingers dive into her silky hair and I yank her neck back, exposing her diving neckline and her perfect tits, rustling under her tank top. She jumps a little when my lips brush her ear.

“Not Vince—sir.”

Her throat bulges as she swallows. “Yes, sir.” A little smile tugs at her mouth, as if she finds it amusing.

Oh, fuck that.

“Do I amuse you, Adriana?” My lips gently brush against her neck as my fingers dig into her hair. “Do you think this is a joke?”

She whines in protest. “No. No, sir,” she says quickly.

“Are you sure about that?”

I run my fingers lightly over her tank top, curving around her tits and down her flat stomach. Her lips widen and she lets out a small sound—a frustrated moan. A tingling sensation spreads over my cock at seeing her respond so quickly to my touch. Wrenching her hair again, I gather her pouting lips in mine. She deepens the kiss, her tongue flicking inside my mouth. Warmth fills my chest when she wraps her arms around me tightly, and for a minute I forget about the game we’re trying to play.

I love this girl. She’s perfect for me—was always perfect.

I stamp down on those feelings and break the kiss, pulling her hair roughly. “I asked you a question.”

Her flushed face burns. “Yes, I’m sure. Sir,” she adds.

Such a perfect girl. Obedient. And mine.

“Take off your pants.”

When she hesitates, I rip my palm down on her sweet ass and she flinches.

“Don’t make me do it again.”

I’d love to do it again.

Her thumbs hook on her jeans and she pulls them down her smooth, irresistible legs. She teases them down, inch by inch, knowing how much it affects me. My cock twitches when I see the black silk panties I bought her, stretching over her beautiful ass. My eyes follow her hands hungrily. I grab her waist and she leans into my chest. I want to kiss her, but I turn her body around so that she’s facing the bed. Breathing fast, I grip the edges of her t-shirt and lift it up over her head. I can’t fucking undress her fast enough. Her long, brown hair tumbles to her shoulders. She gasps as my fingers make quick work of her bra, and then my fingers press between her shoulder blades. I stop for a moment to admire the view of her topless. Goddamn.

Stooping down, I grab the edge of her panties and pull them down. Her legs shiver, and I sweep my hands up the long legs, palming her ass. I push her back down so that she’s laying face forward on the bed, her long hair sprawling on the mattress. My slacks feel extremely tight and I want nothing more than to drop my pants and fuck her until she screams.

My hand tightens over her, and her shoulder muscles tense up. She knows what’s coming.

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