Double Blind

By: Vanessa Waltz


Her body flinches as my palm lands on her backside, the sound music to my ears. I raise my hand again.


This time, she whimpers. The sound is a lot louder, more complete. A beautiful, red burn blossoms on her cheek. I grab it, pinching roughly, loving the high-pitched squeal I get from her.

I stand back for a moment, overwhelmed with the fact that she’s mine, and that I can do anything I want to her. She never stopped me from fulfilling my fantasies. She never used the safe word to stop because she loves everything I do to her.

My hand slips up her inner thigh and slides into her slick entrance. “You’ve always been a little slut, haven’t you? Deep down inside, you were waiting for a man to completely dominate you. To own you.”

“You’re the slut,” her voice rises in challenge. “How many women have you been with before me?”

My voice rises into a growl, but inwardly I’m laughing. My little thief loves to provoke my wrath. “What the fuck did you say?”

I grab her collar and wrench her upright. Her body falls into my chest and her hands reach around her back to touch my leg. Her fingers slide up my slacks before anchoring around my rock hard cock. I bite my lip and hold back a sigh when I feel her fingers stroking the sensitive flesh. From the mirror, I can see her little smile. She’s so bad at this.

“Turn around and suck my cock.”

My powerful voice booms in the bedroom. She turns around in my arms, giving me a flushed smile before she drops to her knees. I grab a fistful of her hair as she unzips my pants. I sigh as she releases my cock from the confinements of my pants. Her tongue darts out, teasing the head of my cock.

Grabbing her head with both hands, I force myself through her lips into her wet, warm mouth. I close my eyes as I feel her tongue riding underneath. It’s like dipping into a hot bath, immediately pleasurable. Her moist lips are tight around my cock and she doesn’t protest when I bury myself to the hilt. It feels so fucking amazing. I grip her jaw and squeeze as I pulse inside her gaping mouth, until she finally gags. I pull out and give her a moment to breathe.

“Do you like it, baby?”

She’s so eager to please that I let it slide. She knows that she’s supposed to call me ‘sir.’

“I do. Very much,” I say in a strained voice.

I stroke her cheek before plunging back inside. Her lips are like a ring of pure softness around me, and when she sucks, her cheeks flatten against my cock. Pushing into her wet mouth, she gags again. I slip out and bend down to grab her collar. Still blind, she follows my arms, her mouth still open.

My lips crash over hers. I tongue her bottom lip into my mouth and bite hard, my cock flat against her stomach when she moans into my mouth.

“I want you badly.”

Jesus Christ, I can’t take it when she says things like that.

Her hands grip my waist and move up my torso, her fingernails dragging lightly. She knows it drives me crazy. We break apart and I rip my shirt off my head. Now we’re both naked. The blindfold is still snug over her head. My hands slide down her waist and anchor over her raw ass, lifting her up to throw her over my bed.

I climb over her body, which lays underneath me like a beautiful sculpture. Her hands are limp at her sides, her body slightly curved into an S. She senses my heat above her and her lips part, almost as if my very presence is enough to make her pant. I run my fingers lightly over her breasts, resisting the urge to manhandle them and trace her curves with my tongue and bite down hard. Her skin shivers and she reaches up for my head.

“Please, Vince.”

Fuck, how can I deny her when she does that?

“Please what?” I say in a tight voice.

“Please fuck me.”

The words burst from her mouth in desperation and excite me to my very core. Blood rushes to my cock. It’s involuntary at this point. I move her legs apart and she wraps them around my back.

So willing. It’s hard for me not to give her what she wants, so I give into it.

I impale her in one, swift stroke. The sound she makes as I enter her makes me shudder. Her heat radiates around me, her muscles gripping my cock as I sink into her. When I move back, it’s like her body is trying to pull me back in. I sink back into her delicious warmth, her body soft under mine. Pleasure tingles down the tip of my cock, all the way down my shaft. It urges me on. Faster. Harder.

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