Double Blind

By: Vanessa Waltz

I grip her tiny waist and pound her pussy, digging every inch of me inside her. She yanks my hair and moans my name, driving me to the edge.

Her breath tickles my ear as I moan into her neck. My cock thickens inside her tight, wet walls as I pound away. My heart rate is jacked and thick breaths leave my mouth. I hold her tight, pulling her hips towards me as our bodies join together. Over and over and over. Ecstasy rips through me, up my abdomen and spine, glowing in my head. My jaw clenches shut and my heart pounds against my chest.

I growl into her neck, the heat building up so high I can barely stand it, and then a jolt shoots through me. My hips ride against her and a loud, ragged sigh leaves my mouth. Hot cum gushes through my shaft with waves of intense pleasure. I press into her, even though I’m already completely buried. Her muscles contract around me, milking me of every drop.

I lay over her body, still buried inside her. She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me over and over, and I tug the blindfold from her head. Her warm brown eyes stare at me in a sleepy, deeply satisfied look.

The hot bursts of pleasure sizzle away like fireworks, disappearing into the void. And everything comes back. The pressure. The stress. My guilt over the lies I tell her. The biggest lie I’ve told her is that everything’s fine; we have nothing to worry about.

A long time ago, I accepted that I was already dead. If you accept that you’re already dead, you’ll have nothing to fear. But now she’s in my life, and I can’t just go about life the same way. I can’t not worry about her, because if I die, what’ll happen to her?

You know what will happen.

I roll onto my back and she follows, curling on my chest. She kisses my throat as I swallow hard, staring up at the ceiling. I pray that she doesn’t see anything in my eyes.

No one knows about the feds watching her. Not even Jack. And it has to stay that way; otherwise he’ll kill her.

And probably me, too.

“You’re so quiet,” she says, lifting her head from my chest. “You look worried.”

“Thinking about Jack in the hospital.”

At the mention of his name, her eyes harden. She just doesn’t understand that we all live by the same code. Omertà. The code of honor and silence.

“How can you care about someone who wanted me dead?”

It’s complicated. He’s like a father to me, but it’s more than that. I would follow him into the gates of Hell. Jack helped my mother for many years after my dad’s death. He took me in and gave me a purpose. He even delivered me my dad’s murderer—a retired cop. After he outlived his usefulness, Jack gave me his address.

It was years ago. I went there and waited for him to return home, and when he did I knocked him out. When he woke up, the prick denied he had any involvement.

“I didn’t kill your father,” he kept screaming. I emptied my revolver in his chest and stole the money in his wallet. The bastard didn’t have much to rob.

My father may have been an asshole, but he was still my father. And he deserved justice. I wasn’t close to my father. In my eyes, he was a drunk who beat on Ma, but I was expected to bring him justice.

The same way Adriana’s deserves justice.

Loyalty—that’s what the family is about. Blood, honor, sacrifice, but most importantly—loyalty. Even if I may not always agree with Jack’s decisions, I’ll still obey him.

But I won’t when it comes to her. I know deep down that I could’ve never followed through when Jack wanted me to get rid of her. She’s the only exception.

My chest tightens when I think about it. “He just didn’t trust you, that’s all.”

“That’s all?” She raises herself, her hair falling around her narrowed eyes.

Sometimes, I think she forgets about my line of work.

“I could say the same about your mother,” I remind her gently.

Her eyes look dented with pain and I feel like an asshole, but it’s true. Her mother, that schifosa, tried to have me killed to settle her fucking debts. I wanted to put a bullet in her fucking worthless head, but Adriana was there and she was so upset.

I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t be the one who killed her mother.

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