Double Blind

By: Vanessa Waltz

I can’t even fathom honest living anymore.

She wraps her arm around my leg and squeezes my thigh, turning her head to give me a kiss on my stomach. I feel tightness in my chest that strengthens when I lay my hand on her gorgeous head. Words can’t describe the happiness I feel when I see her ring gleaming on her finger, to know that she’s mine.

“Vince, did you say you had to be somewhere tonight?”

The happiness deflates like a balloon bursting.


Her head turns as she looks up at me with a slight frown. “Something wrong?”

Oh, you don’t even know.

Instead, I smile at her. She nuzzles my stomach and her mouth kisses a trail up my abdomen. My cock stiffens in my pants and she smiles when she sees it. She stands up, hands around my waist.

This fucking woman can get me hard so easily. Every stroke of her hands sets off a million nerve endings. She kisses my chest as her hand reaches around my thigh and strokes my cock. It hardens uncomfortably.

“God damn it, Ade.”

I move her hand away from my cock, and she gives me a wide grin. It makes me want to shove my cock down her throat to get rid of her gloating smile. Grabbing her shoulders, I pin her against the wall as I seek out those gorgeous, full lips. My tongue sweeps across her bottom lip, and I pull down her jeans. My hand spreads across her smooth belly and I dip my fingers behind her panties. Reaching back, I stroke her soaking clit and she moans into my mouth.

My woman is so hot for me that I can feel her wetness all over my hands. My two fingers tease through her folds and stab upwards. I feel her around me, as smooth as the inside of my cheek. She kisses me back desperately as I twist my fingers.

Goddamn, it’s hot.

“Vince—oh, Vince.”

My cock is so hard in my pants that it’s painful.

I love her. I want to fuck her. I’m going to tease her like she teased me.

“You want me so badly, don’t you?”

Her mouth opens in another gasp as I wrench my hand. “Yes!”

I chuckle in her ear, loving the way her body writhes against mine. Her nipples peak through her t-shirt and I’m tempted to grab her tits, but I know that if I do, I won’t be able to stop myself. My hand slides from her panties and she looks at me questioningly, her face flushed.

“What are you doing?”

“I need to leave.” I can’t quite suppress my grin as she grabs my waist.

“No, you can’t just—”

“Yes, I can,” I say, shooting her a warning look.

My fingers are still wet with her juice. I raise them to her face, and brush them against her lips. She leans forward and sucks them clean, probably hoping I’ll break down and fuck her.

I don’t.

When they’re clean, I tap her face with my hand. “Be a good girl and don’t masturbate. Wait for me. If you do it anyway, I’ll know.”

“Oh, come on!”

I push her away gently and I hurry out the door. Self-control can only go so far, and I’ve nearly spent all of mine.

It’s only till I’m outside that I realized I forgot to tell her that I love her.

* * *

I drive past the restaurant before looping around to find parking.

Fuck it. If they want to kill us, they wouldn’t make it so obvious.

I stop the car, and Jack and I share a look before we exit. Whatever happens, happens. Put everything behind you.

Several street lamps are busted, shrouding the sidewalk in darkness. The low visibility makes me nervous. If I can’t see anything, I can’t protect Jack. I already almost failed him once at the restaurant. Jack and I don’t say anything as we approach the darkened windows. Gambini’s. I can barely make it out.

I reach out and open the door, expecting a rain of bullets, screams, something, not a fat asshole patting me down for weapons. He takes my glock and finds the piece strapped to my leg.

“Vince—Jack,” the guard nods at both of us.

I’m too full of energy to say anything. I nod at him and step inside.

It’s a small restaurant. Looks homey—very traditional, old school Italian. The clichéd red and white-checkered tablecloths cover the small tables. Wooden chairs surround the quaint tables. They look like they were made for smaller people, because Tony looks so large in the chair.

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