Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

He panted short wet breaths against her temple. He didn’t back off, he kept her sandwiched there, leaving Flick without enough room to take a deep breath.

‘I love you, Kitten,’ he murmured eventually.

‘Tell me what’s different,’ Flick said, still sensing the danger ahead. ‘You’re different, something’s different. Something’s about to change, isn’t it? What is it?’

‘I’m leaving.’

Flick heard what he said, but it took her a dozen seconds to react. ‘No, you’re not.’

For April

Couldn’t have done it without you, Coach.


The biggest acknowledgement has to go to Laura, she comes before even my son this time! You’ve tested every page and I have tested your patience. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. We got there in the end, as we always do!

My beautiful boy gets a nod for always putting up with me and for joining me on a new adventure every day. Every day you teach me something more, thank you, Angel.

I would also like to acknowledge another long sufferer. Mike, I apologise for commandeering your wife as often as I do, but it is for a worthy cause I assure you. Rushe fans everywhere thank you.

So, who gets top of the bill? April, there are no words.

I honestly would not have gotten to this stage without you. I know not how I survived this process without your counsel. You are a diamond wrapped in starlight and your radiance shines around the world illuminating the path I would lose had I not you.

This is for you. Thank you and enjoy.

Chapter One

‘Would you relax?’


‘Ask a stupid question,’ Flick muttered to herself, and then she pushed her shoulders back against the poolside chair to tilt her chin toward the blazing sun. Except that action only made Rushe’s eyes narrow further. She opted to ignore him.

‘You’re doing that on purpose,’ he growled. ‘We’re all aware of your tits; you don’t have to put them on show.’

‘Rushe, Baby, I love you, but we came out to the pool to relax.’

‘No, Kitten,’ he said. ‘You came here to relax.’

‘You didn’t have to come with me.’

‘You’re wearing a bikini,’ he said, as though it required no further explanation, and actually... it didn’t.

‘If you thought I was the type to run around on you then you’d have dumped me three months ago. You’d have walked out of my studio apartment with Jansen, and I wouldn’t have seen you for dust.’

‘If I thought you were that type, I’d have chained you to the wall weeks ago.’

‘You have... once or twice.’ Her oversized shades concealed her eyes, but Flick let her head roll toward him anyway. ‘You could’ve at least brought a bathing suit... do you own a bathing suit?’

‘We didn’t come here to swim. We came here ‘cause you enjoy baiting me.’

‘You didn’t have to—‘

‘You’re wearing a bikini.’

Flick brought herself upright while twisting her feet off the reclined chair. Their pool chairs were parallel to each other, and there had to be forty similar loungers all around the glistening outdoor pool. But when she tried to glare Flick was distracted by those burning eyes. Rushe had gone so far as to remove his tee-shirt, which gave Flick an up close reminder of his possession of her, and of how his body lured hers.

‘You’re here to protect my virtue from other sexual predators.’ Rushe did his own sexual stalking of her on a daily basis. ‘But when you look at me like that... I’m the only person here.’

‘I’m looking at you,’ he said. ‘But I’m aware of exactly where the other thirty-seven men are.’

‘You counted them,’ she sighed. ‘Of course you counted them. There must be fifty women here.’

‘That I hadn’t noticed.’

Rushe never tried to romance her. Sweet nothings definitely did not feature in Rushe’s repertoire of skills. But he could charm her, though usually it was unintentional.

‘I’m going to get something to drink,’ Flick said, sashaying away from their seats without giving him a chance to retort.

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