Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

‘We know the story. All that’s left is for them to tell us about Susan... then we fulfil the initial goal of the mission.’

She knew from the way he monitored her expressions that he was judging her reaction to what may occur tonight. But until it happened, she couldn’t say how she would react. All she knew was that those people out there, their prisoners, had caused pain to people who didn’t deserve it, and they had believed it was their right to do so. Rushe wasn’t a man who would stand for that.

The door opened, and Eric came in alone. ‘Rosa’s set up, and I sent Scott for the car. He’s ready, Rushe.’

‘Not yet,’ Rushe said.

‘You can’t ask him to hold off,’ Eric said. ‘Do you know how long he’s been waiting for this?’

Flick stayed against Rushe but surveyed the details of this room. A pizza box lay in a corner. Open Chinese food containers sat on the floor around the couch with beer bottles intermingled. A canvas sheet covered what she assumed from the odd sizes and shapes were a pile of various different items.

‘They killed his woman,’ Eric said.

‘And threatened mine,’ Rushe said. ‘If anything had happened to her they wouldn’t be the only ones tied to chairs out there.’

‘What do you plan to do?’ Flick asked, chiming in.

‘We do things my way,’ Rushe said.

Flick saw a glimmer of something in him that she didn’t recognise. His rumpled clothes and dazed appearance might not be quite the Rushe she knew, but that awareness within him was all aimed at her.

‘What way is that?’

‘We wait,’ Rushe said.

‘Let them torture themselves,’ Flick said.

‘That’s right.’

‘She really is your girl,’ Eric said.

‘Yes,’ Rushe said, with an abnormal glow of admiration. ‘She really is.’

‘Is there a restroom?’ Flick asked, struggling to tear her gaze away from Rushe’s.

‘I’ll show you,’ Eric said. ‘The water runs cold, but at least it runs.’

Taking a few minutes to herself to wash up and mentally regroup was required, but Rushe was her comfort, her rock, and she wouldn’t be parted from him for long.

Scott had returned an hour later. They all drank beer and watched TV, but said very little to each other. The three men sat on the couch, and Flick hadn’t objected when Rushe took her hand and pulled her into his lap. Now that she had him back, she could let herself think about what had happened or what might have happened.

Any anger she had left over his abandonment of her, or his risk-taking, was quelled by Rushe’s actions now, or rather his lack of them. Since before they were together, when they were putting on a show for the criminals in that shack, every time she was in Rushe’s lap he touched her and fondled her with entitlement. But not tonight.

Nobody said a word. They stared at the screen, but none of them watched. Jokes prompted no laughter or communication. Not one of them made any attempt at contact; they simply sat and stared.

Scott’s fidgeting increased until he cursed under his breath. Eric moved to appease, but Rushe stood, causing Flick to find her feet.

‘Ok,’ Rushe said, crossing to turn off the television.


Rushe nodded to Eric once. ‘I’ll get the story straight.’

‘Who gives a fuck about the story?’ Scott barked.

Eric glanced at Flick, and she felt Rushe’s eyes on her, too. ‘Do you boys need me to leave the room?’ Flick asked, without any intention of going anywhere.

‘You’re the reason,’ Scott sneered, and started toward her, but Rushe swooped in silently to intercept him.

‘Where the fuck do you think you’re going?’ Rushe snarled.

Flick only had a view of Rushe’s back, but she knew the glare he wore now. Him standing between her and trouble reminded her of that room in the X-Lounge, and it wasn’t a pleasant recollection.

‘We had a deal,’ Scott said.

‘I gave you the tools, I told you how to do it,’ Rushe said. ‘I held up my end.’

‘You have more experience. I wanna cause them pain.’

Shorter and skinnier than both Rushe and Eric, Scott didn’t have the bulk to take on the other men, but the venom he had could drive him toward such a foolish attempt.

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