Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

‘You’ll get your pound of flesh,’ Rushe grumbled. ‘You do it like I showed you.’

‘Everybody chill out,’ Eric said, though Flick’s view was still blocked by Rushe. ‘You wanna know what happened to Susie, you do, Scott. Let Rushe work.’

In the instant Rushe was about to move, Flick tucked her hand into his back pocket, which caused him to stop. It wasn’t like Rushe to hesitate, and though it was barely perceptible he did before he turned to her and removed her hand from his pocket.

‘No,’ he said, still with a hold of her hand. ‘Stay.’

‘We’re partners.’

‘Not for the thug stuff, Kitten.’

She wanted to argue, because she’d just got him back and that made her reluctant to take the risk of letting him go again. But she wasn’t menacing and mean. Whatever was about to happen, Flick needed to let him go, because a part of Rushe would always work alone.

With his eyes fixated on her mouth, he stroked her hair. Then Rushe raised the shutters and stormed straight past, snatching up a tool bag from the corner, and striding on out to their trio of captives.

‘You thought you lost him, huh?’ Eric asked, after Scott had crossed to the door and opened it a crack, presumably to listen in.

‘He let them...’ Flick said. ‘They could have killed him.’

‘It’s not the first time Rushe has come back from the dead.’

‘That doesn’t make me feel better.’

‘Which is worse,’ Eric asked. ‘That you thought he was dead, or that you were the one who caused it?’

Flick wrapped her arms around herself and skirted the couch to lean against the back.

‘I don’t know,’ she whispered, when Eric took up a perch beside her.

‘We always knew it would come to this. We brought in the furniture and the supplies, hooked up the TV; we did this two weeks ago.’

‘What does that have to do with—‘

‘We all knew it would come to this. We were prepared... Rushe was prepared.’

For death, Flick understood, but it didn’t make her feel better. ‘Do you think Scott was prepared for what happened to Susan?’

‘Guys like us know the risks, but Susan didn’t. She saw only what Whyte wanted her to see.’

‘So Scott wants to take revenge, why? Because those three people contributed to Susan’s death, or because Whyte seduced his girlfriend?’

‘Scott loved Susan, always did, but she was... she saw the best in everyone. I guess he felt he should protect her, like Rushe wants to protect you.’

‘You say that as though it’s so straightforward. Like it’s a given, it’s so obvious. But you don’t know what the view’s like from the other side.’

Scott stumbled back when the door flew open and Rushe stormed in, sending the door ricocheting back into its frame. Rushe stalked an invisible infuriation around the room, which made it impossible for Scott or Eric to approach him, as they wanted to.

‘What?’ Eric asked. ‘What happened?’

Eric’s confusion and Scott’s wide eyes betrayed to Flick that this wasn’t standard operating procedure.

‘Lover?’ Flick asked, crossing toward Rushe.

He grabbed her lower jaw and impelled her back against the wall. In a crouch, his whole body cloaked her and he laid siege to her mouth, probing his tongue in around hers, and with a feral grunt he pried them apart and forced her chin up, planting his eyes on hers.

‘My woman.’

‘Yes, Lover, I’m here,’ she inhaled, grasping his shoulders.

‘He hurt you, now, now is the time.’

To punish the man complicit in murder. ‘Yes.’

Astounded that Rushe would take the time to seek her permission for anything, Flick remained flat on the wall when he strode from the room as intently as he’d entered it.

‘Maybe you’re an asset after all,’ Eric said. ‘What else can you make him do?’

A souring masculine shriek pierced the air, and Flick couldn’t imagine what would cause such a sound. A female scream followed, and when Eric and Scott huddled near the door Flick was right there with them.

‘No, no! Stop, please!’ The hurried speech was that of Joseph Galante. ‘Stop whatever you’re doing to Evan!’

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