Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

Flick edged closer to the door and peered through the gap. The three chairs were arranged in a triangle with their backs to each other so the detainees couldn’t see one another. The captives couldn’t see in this direction either, so Flick was free to observe. A slumped Whyte whimpered. Underneath his chair was a wet puddle and though the colour was difficult to distinguish on the mildew-stained floor, Flick assumed the liquid was blood.

‘You don’t give a fuck about him,’ Rushe’s voice rumbled through, that savage snarl plumbed from his dusky soul. ‘He hurt my woman.’

‘She is mine,’ Galante said. ‘Rosa is mine, and you’re going to—‘

‘She’s not your woman,’ Rushe said, strolling to a chair situated to be visible from Galante and Rosa’s positions. ‘She’ll take any cock that tips her way.’ He opened the bag on the floor at his side and produced a coiled length of rope. ‘How many guys did she fuck in that lounge while you were paying her?’

‘You shut up,’ Rosa yelled.

Rushe began to very deliberately uncoil the rope, letting the length spread on the floor around him. ‘You wanted it, Sweetheart,’ Rushe drawled. ‘You were begging me for it, handing it out for free with coupons for a lifetime supply.’

‘You wanted it,’ Rosa sniped.

He leaned forward to take a knife from the bag. ‘My girl would slice you open.’

Rosa didn’t respond to Rushe’s smug retort. Whyte still whimpered and gurgled, but didn’t speak. Rushe bowed the rope over the knife and sawed it apart.

‘What is that for?’ Galante asked.

They were already attached to the chairs, and Flick wondered about the rope herself. But Rushe cast the length he’d cut aside and began to loosen another strip.

‘We know about the racquet you were running, Rosa. We know you were blackmailing Evan Whyte, you kept quiet and he kept you around. When did the murders start?’

‘What do you care?’ Rosa asked.

‘I wanna know what happened to Susan. Why was she different?’

A few seconds of silence became a minute. Rushe tossed the rope aside and was on his feet with the knife.

‘No, no!’ Galante called out before Rushe reached him. ‘We didn’t kill Susan!’

‘Don’t believe you,’ Rushe said, admiring the blade of his knife, then pointing it toward Rosa.

‘Believe what you want,’ Galante said. ‘It’s true. The first girl died two years ago, but that was an accident. Please, you have to believe us!’

‘I don’t gotta believe shit,’ Rushe said, returning to his chair and picking up the first length of rope. Two years ago was when Kimberly gave birth to Joey’s baby, that event had to have been the catalyst, or rather Rosa’s breaking point. ‘So your woman got a taste for the snuff?’

‘It was interesting,’ Rosa said. ‘I’m not a psycho. As long as the boys didn’t get attached I let them screw whoever they wanted to.’

‘It was just an accident,’ Galante said. Flick heard the quiver in his voice, and her fascination with Rushe’s actions yielded results. He was twining the rope into a noose.

‘But it wasn’t just her.’

‘No,’ Galante admitted. ‘Rosa... Evan enjoyed it.’ Galante was trying to protect the woman he loved by transferring the evil doing onto Whyte. ‘We did it again, we used the drugs, it’s clean.’

‘Then you did it again,’ Rushe said, finishing with one noose he threw it toward Galante, and it landed on the floor a few inches from his feet.

‘Once, a couple of months later, and then a few months after that...’

‘The more you got away with, the more risks you took,’ Rushe said. ‘Your woman’s into some kinky shit.’

‘We gave them drugs, and we had sex, and—‘

‘It was a party,’ Rosa said. ‘They couldn’t keep up, that’s all.’

‘Susan heard us talking,’ Galante said, when Rushe picked up the next stretch of rope and began to tie it. ‘I think Evan cared for her... she might have been different.’

‘Bitch couldn’t handle it,’ Rosa said. ‘We tried to talk to her, lots, they wanted to bring her in, wanted her to be part of it. She didn’t get it... I knew she wouldn’t. There was no room for her in our family.’

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