Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

‘Her death was tragic, and needless,’ Galante said. ‘But by her own hand.’

Flick watched the intensity of Rushe’s eyes that climbed up and zeroed in on Rosa, scrutinising every detail of her countenance. Again, cruel silence reigned, but Rushe didn’t flinch for a second.

‘Your woman doesn’t believe it.’

Rushe’s words were heavy but they stung in the air, drifting toward the restrained bodies.

‘She did it,’ Whyte croaked out when his head rose a fraction. ‘She drugged her and set her up; made it look good, she told me. Rosa killed Susan, just like she killed Jeri and Lisa, and all the others.’

‘Whyte!’ Galante shouted.

‘Rosa Vallario,’ Rushe said.

‘Susan knew what she did,’ Whyte said. ‘She saw Rosa for the twisted individual that she is.’

‘Rosa,’ Galante said. ‘Rosa didn’t, it was me—‘

‘When are you going to stop defending her?’ Whyte asked. ‘She’s sick.’

‘And what are you?’ Rosa spat.

‘Enough!’ Rushe silenced them all.

‘What are you going to do with us?’ Rosa asked.

‘Don’t worry,’ Galante said, when Rosa didn’t answer. ‘He said he wasn’t going to kill us.’

‘Hanging can be framed to look like suicide,’ Rosa said.

‘You would know,’ Rushe said. ‘And I said I wasn’t gonna kill you, Galante, but I made no promises about anyone else.’ He got up and moved to the edge of the room and out of Flick’s view. ‘And I’m not the only one here who can cause you harm.’

When Rushe came back into view, he had a bottle in his pocket and a syringe in his hand. He held it up, pocketed the cap then crouched in front of Rosa.

‘You’re it.’

‘I can be of use to you,’ Rosa panicked. ‘I know where the money is. You can have it. We can have it.’

‘I already got me all the woman I need,’ Rushe said, and on Rosa’s struggling scream he injected her with the contents of the needle.

Flick had always known Rushe was capable of anything, and Rosa was a murderer. Standing here now, watching her lover take a life in this way, caused a strange sensation to float through her. Seizing Rosa from the street had been only the first step of Flick’s plan, and the end result would have been the same.

‘What are you doing?’ Galante asked, while trying to see over his shoulder. ‘Rosa? Rosie, speak to me, are you ok?’

Rosa slumped forward as Rushe stood up with the needle loose in his hand. When Whyte saw the instrument he jerked, and this movement drew Rushe’s attention. With his free hand, Rushe delivered a swift punch to the side of Whyte’s head, knocking him out cold.

Galante was gibbering, but Rushe paid no heed. He strode back to their little room, sending Flick and the other men scampering backward.

‘We’re out of here,’ Rushe said to Eric, who gave Rushe a bag for the needle. With it wrapped up, he grabbed his jacket from the back of the couch and stuffed the evidence into it. He then took the bottle from his pocket and tossed it to Scott. ‘Be very careful with that.’

‘Thanks man,’ Eric said.

‘Whatever,’ Rushe said, taking hold of Flick’s shoulder.

Scott didn’t say anything, but Rushe didn’t appear to expect it. He swung back the door and dragged Flick out, past the captives and back into the room with his car. He flung her into the passenger side.

‘Wait,’ Flick said, before he closed the door. ‘Lover...’

Maybe she hadn’t expected him to stop, but when he did she didn’t know what to say. ‘Later,’ grumbled the burdened man when she said nothing.

Flick had expected him to get in the driver’s seat, but he didn’t. He went back through the door they’d exited by. She began to wonder how long she should wait, and what she was waiting for, then Rushe re-emerged with Rosa’s motionless body over his shoulder.

The last time she had seen this, Rosa had kicked and screamed, and Flick’s stomach roiled at the understanding of her role in this woman’s demise. Rushe tossed the body in the trunk, adopted his place in the driver’s position, and took them out into the night.

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