Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

‘What was in the bottle?’ Flick asked, after they’d been driving quietly for more than a few minutes.


The effects that a substance like that could have in the hands of a man like Scott on men like Galante and Whyte would be devastating. ‘What do we do now?’ Flick asked. ‘I’ve never disposed of a dead body before.’

Rushe looked from her to the road, and then took a longer look at her. ‘You think she’s dead? You think I killed her?’

‘The needle, I...’

‘Shit,’ he exhaled.

‘She’s not?’

‘Taste of her own medicine. She murdered Susan, and Scott will make me pay for this.’

‘He wanted her dead. I know Rosa was a bad person.’

‘I don’t argue with women,’ Rushe said. ‘You think I’d murder one?’

‘I don’t understand... she’s not dead?’

‘Tranquiliser,’ Rushe said. ‘We’ll toss her out somewhere she’ll be found, but we won’t be spotted.’ He reared up and put his hand in his back jeans pocket to produce Liam’s phone, which he flung to her lap. ‘Get that to your guy.’

‘It’s recording?’

‘Turned it off before I got the needle.’

Flick played the recording to hear Whyte admit Rosa killed them. A smile formed as she looked up at a grumbling Rushe.

‘Should I tell him to send this and the Davis recording to the police?’

‘No,’ Rushe said. ‘The cops can have Rosa, but those files will reap more justice in different hands.’

‘I don’t understand,’ Flick said. ‘Whose?’

His grip on the steering wheel increased. ‘We’ve found a contact... in the King Club. Have him keep hold of it, I’ll tell Eric to be in touch.’

Flick recognised the growl and the slices of resolve that enclosed around him. With her own comprehension that tenacity seeped across to her. Whyte and Galante, Joey too, all of them had played a dangerous game, which Davis had known about as well. If the action wasn’t sanctioned by the King Club, if they’d been oblivious to events that had transpired in the Waterside, then they could be very unhappy about what the risk of exposure would do to their own serious endeavours.

Rushe began to grumble and she noticed how obstinate his brow was. ‘What?’ she asked.

‘If I’d known you were ok with murder, I’d have...’

‘I think Whyte was bleeding enough. What will happen to them?’

‘Not our business,’ Rushe said.

‘We get rid of Rosa, and of the evidence... then what?’


Chapter Twenty-Eight

More than two hours had passed by the time Rushe drove off the interstate to a roadside motel. They had dropped Rosa off and got rid of the evidence, then Rushe just drove. Processing everything that had happened would take time for both of them, and Flick didn’t mind having this quiet period to reflect.

‘Get naked,’ he said, hurling the bag of their things to the floor when they entered the motel room.

It wasn’t much, just whatever had been transferred out of the trunk of their car that Scott had got rid of, though she didn’t know what was left in the trunk of the vehicle they had downstairs.

‘Shouldn’t we talk? If there are still drugs in your system, or you’re not strong enough—’

Spinning around, Rushe’s hand landed on her upper chest and she was slammed back against the wall, his power keeping her pinned in place.

‘My woman, my body.’

The shade of murk in his eyes wasn’t one to be trifled with. After what they’d been through in these last few days, Flick couldn’t deny him. Rushe needed to connect with her body, and she wanted to be a part of his. So she unzipped her jeans and forced them down her hips, but while Rushe’s hand impelled her here she couldn’t bend, so she unbuttoned the shirt and parted the fabric.

Rushe knew their sexual safe word, but he wouldn’t use it tonight. Any doubts she had about his senses, about him having his wits, were erased when she witnessed the methodical skill he displayed tonight.

His eyes coasted downward, and she saw some of the gloom fade. She was wearing the same dress she’d worn when he died. That night, in that hotel, neither of them had expected events to transpire as they did. Rushe had died for her, and she would never be able to convey to him just what his sacrifice meant to her.

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