Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

Flick’s swallowing away of the dismay that threatened caused Rushe’s attention to dart back up. ‘I love you,’ she murmured, and the fog gave way to a pain in him that she would never be able to heal.

He lunged in and took her off her feet, urging his mouth over hers as they landed on the bed.

‘My woman,’ he muttered, kissing his way down her throat and back up to her mouth.

This kiss was forever. The sweet texture of his lips coupling with hers was a home she had missed, and her craving for him intensified with every second she existed here on this earth. More than once, she had asked him to make love to her, and he refused when he didn’t want to reinforce her fears.

The evil had been dispensed with, so he may think there was nothing more to be afraid of. But Flick had never been more terrified. Losing him, believing him dead, had thrown her into a hell worse than anything she could ever have conceived of without living the anguish first-hand.

‘Rushe,’ she said, when he trailed his mouth toward her ear.

‘I love you, Kitten.’

‘Please don’t ever leave me again.’

His focus came up and he gazed into her, not just her eyes, but to her own buried torture. ‘You are my woman.’


‘You belong to me.’


‘I’ll never leave you, Flick,’ he said. ‘You’re the only evidence that I exist at all.’

Dropping his mouth on hers again, Flick parted her lips and sucked his tongue into her mouth, coating herself with the taste of him. Rushe wouldn’t hesitate to protect her. But that was who he was, and she couldn’t change that. He was a part of her; he lived in her heart, just like she’d said to him about his own.

Her body chilled when his rose up away from the bed. Rushe pulled off her jeans as Flick shirked the shirt and then pulled the dress over her head to bare herself to him.

He offered no commands, so Flick shuffled to the edge of the bed and unbuckled his jeans. Pushing them downward, she dipped her head forward and kissed his shaft. Curling her tongue around the heavy organ she tasted the weight of him, the mass that wanted to take refuge in her body.

‘Every inch of you belongs to me,’ he growled. ‘Those hot tits and that tight pussy – mine. Your hair, your hands, your heart, the whole fucking lot of you – mine, every inch.’

‘Yes,’ she breathed on him, looping her lips around his head. He got hold of her hair and tugged her head back, forcing her to look up at him.

‘You’re getting dangerous, Kitten.’

‘I learned from you,’ she said. ‘I’d have made them pay, and I’d have made you proud.’

‘I am proud.’ Flick heard it in the way he spoke to her, in the things he said to Rosa and the others when referencing her. Living up to her own ideal of what Rushe’s woman should be was almost impossible, because he deserved the world and she needed the strength to deliver for him.

‘I am your servant,’ she said, sticking out her tongue to try and taste him, but he held his hips away. Loosening his grip, he directed her face forward.

‘Look at it... Look at my cock; you see what you do to me?’

His magnificence made her want to smile, to grin like a giddy schoolgirl with a new toy. But watching the heavy length of him jutting up, proudly ready to serve her, sent shivers from her shoulders to her neck, to her nipples, and further south.

‘I need him.’

Of their own accord her hands came up, but Rushe dipped away when she tried to clasp for his member. ‘I told you to look, not touch, whore. You look at it, you think about what it feels like to have that inside you. My dick, in your cunt, filling you up full. You’re empty without it, Kitten. That space was meant for me; without my cock in you you’re incomplete. You need it.’


‘You need me to fuck you.’

‘Yes,’ she exhaled, trying again to move forward, but his fist held her in place.

‘No man comes after me. No other dick’s gonna get near my pussy, no one touches what’s mine. Kiss it.’ He gave her just enough room to trace her lips against the ridge running the length of him. ‘Lick.’ This time he held himself up and angled her face in against his balls. Rubbing her face in deep she opened her mouth, releasing the saliva that had built up while she admired him. Rushe’s groan was coupled with him dragging her mouth down him, forcing his penis inside as he went. Pulling back a little, he pressed himself into her cheek until the corner of her mouth burned.

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