Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

‘Eyes,’ he said, and she let hers flick up to meet his. ‘You serve my pleasure.’

Flick knew when she nodded that the friction would make him moan, and she was right. On her smile his eyes narrowed and she knew that despite their position she still had the upper hand.

Tossing her back to the mattress, Rushe said nothing but he swooped forward, pushing her back with his body, until he lay atop her. A finger invaded her centre, and she droned. Her legs parted around him and she tried to move, but he kept her still.

‘Why are you so wet, Kitten?’ he asked, kissing her once.

‘I want you,’ she answered, and he kissed her again.

Drawing his finger out he pushed it back in, undulating it within her then twisting it into the cushion inside her. Flick’s ragged inhale was fired by the scorching pleasure he already imparted.

‘That feels better, doesn’t it? You feel better when I pamper your pussy, don’t you, Kitten?’

Flick could barely manage to nod; his finger pulsed in and out, moving faster to build the pressure of wanton release.

‘Open wide.’

She spread her legs wide, letting her knees hang loose in the air and his finger slid out. She wriggled up against the solid length between them but he lifted his hips, letting his head kiss her opening. Flick whined, and he touched the finger that had been inside her to her lip. She opened to receive it, but he stole it into his own mouth.

‘You get only what I give you,’ he murmured, and traced her lips with the tip of his tongue, stealing the last of her taste. Then his tongue slid into her mouth, and with the uniting kiss her legs locked around him. Rushe surged forward and his dick found its home.

Flick’s head went back, breaking the kiss, and she gasped out. ‘Yes! Rushe!’

Biting her lips to try to contain some of the aching release this joining burst within her did nothing to lessen the rush of feeling that she had thought forever lost.

‘What a good little Kitten you are.’

‘Fuck me, Rushe,’ Flick demanded in a growl to rival her lover’s own.

Slowly he shook his head and let himself smile. ‘Not tonight.’

Dragging his member out, he almost unsheathed himself but filled her again. The pace was so delicious that she took his face and sought his mouth again. Her love was here. Her love was safe. Her love was back where he belonged.

When Flick awoke in the dark later that night, she sensed straight away that Rushe wasn’t asleep. Trailing her toes down his shins as she stretched, Flick then let her legs part so she could sit up on him.

He made no secret of the fact that he was awake, and she saw the glint in his open eyes reflecting the artificial light from beyond the curtains. Walking her fingertips up his sternum, she touched his jaw and his lip while shimmying up until her knees rested outside his elbows.

Leaning down, she dangled her nipple close to his mouth, watching his eyes as she let it drift nearer until the soft tip met the rough texture of his upper lip. The act meant to tease him sent a frisson of heat through her, and on a sigh her body relaxed. Rushe took the opportunity to boost his head and nip the point in his teeth. Sucking hard, she whimpered out, and he took the other nipple between two knuckles of his fingers and squeezed.

‘I’m meant to be making you feel better,’ she confessed on a smile.

In a snap, his elbows locked behind her knees and her whole body was hefted up so quickly that she had to slap her hands on the wall to prevent it from making contact with her skull.

‘Now I feel better,’ he said, drawing his tongue around her clit. He’d hiked her so high that her knees were now above his shoulders. She was literally sitting on his face, but he kept control of her weight with his arms wound around her legs.

‘Are you going to Rushe me?’ Flick joshed, his mouth stopped long enough for her to feel the curve of his smile around her.

‘How long have you been holding onto that one?’ he asked, swirling his tongue and going back to the job at hand.

‘You’ve never been one for breakfast in bed,’ she said, curling her fingers around her breasts.

‘I’ve missed a few meals,’ he said, lapping the juice from her opening.

This intent attention was becoming too much, as he would use that wonderfully talented mouth to bring her to climax after climax without ever thinking of himself.

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