Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

‘I don’t want you to over exert yourself,’ she said, dropping her hand into his hair to direct his head back so he could look up at her.

‘Ok,’ he said, and sat up, sending her slithering the length of his torso until her back hit his drawn up thighs. ‘You do it then.’

His penis was already hard between her folds, and she shifted to put her shins to the bed but he took hold of them, preventing her from seating herself astride him. Running his palms down her legs, Rushe pushed the soles of her feet to his external obliques.

‘Are you in pain?’ she asked, suddenly aware that all of her weight was on his, which normally wouldn’t bother her, but he’d never put her in this position before, and after everything he’d been through in the last thirty-six hours she didn’t want to sap the last of his energy.

‘Make yourself come.’

That intensity in his eyes wasn’t torture, it was mischief. Nothing could bring this towering pillar down. His strength and virility were as they ever had been. Flick’s worry may have been unnecessary, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to take full advantage of it.

‘Can I fuck myself?’ He shook his head, and the slope of his lips calmed her. ‘You want me to sit here on your cock and pleasure myself, but I’m not allowed to use it?’

‘Wriggle all you want,’ he said.

This deep night and this penetrating man were the only home that she would ever need. ‘I love you, Rushe.’

‘Won’t help you now,’ he said. ‘Do it.’

Watching him enjoy this, enjoy her, made Flick grin. She curled her toes in against him while resting all of her weight on his thighs and letting her knees drop apart.

‘Like this?’

‘Good start,’ he said, fixating on that space at the top of her thighs.

‘Did you miss me?’ she whispered, and his eyes came up to meet hers.

She didn’t mean while they were parted over the last couple of days, and she didn’t even mean on the job, she meant this. The fun they could have, the teasing and the intimacy that they’d cultivated together. None of this was easy for him; he still struggled to trust her, and she still struggled to see what such a force of man could want with her.

But they had each other back. No job. No cover. Just the bare, inconvenient truth of their love. Resent it or not, want it or not, they were both stuck with it, because there wasn’t anything that would take her from Rushe. They’d become a part of each other.

‘Yeah,’ he said, and lifting her foot to his mouth he kissed her instep. ‘Now quit stalling, this might be the only chance I give you to play with my pussy.’

‘You are rather possessive,’ she said, grasping her breasts.

‘I didn’t tell you to touch those. My girls are gonna get all the love they want tonight, but only from me.’

‘What if he feels neglected?’ she asked, elevating her hips enough to whorl a finger around his dick and pluck him out from under her, wriggling until he poked up against her pubis.

‘He’ll let you know all about it in a hurry,’ Rushe said.

Pressuring her palm against his shaft, she squashed him against her and tilted her hips to slide up and down, effectively fucking him from the outside.

‘That’s bending the rules,’ he groaned out when she pushed onto her feet and took her pelvis from his to prod his head against her clit, then slither down his length and up, using her palm on the other side to keep him enclosed.

‘What else are rules for?’ she whispered.

Flick was prepared to take her time, and she’d certainly ensure her orgasm, but she’d guarantee his too because after all the external negativity they’d been exposed to, they both deserved some internal positive reinforcement.

Their mettle may have been tested but their love had endured. Flick hadn’t known herself capable of the actions that she had undertaken, and she wouldn’t have been until Rushe. He had changed her, enhanced her, improved her. Being with him had caused Flick to grow into someone stronger, and his infinite capability made her strive to reach a parallel of his integrity. Rushe had been alone in life for too long and she would keep pushing until he understood just how unerring her devotion to him was.

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