Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

‘No,’ he ground out. ‘I’m not.’

‘So what’s the problem?’

He whipped around so fast that she anticipated a brusque response, but the phone rang and Rushe’s attention was diverted. He snatched it up and disappeared into the bedroom.

Flick logged into her email and deleted away the junk. Liam had already sent her a message, and so she responded to let him know that they were ok. The light on the phone base went off indicating that the call was over, but Rushe remained in the bedroom.

To her surprise, she came across an email from her sister. Flick opened it and read to herself.

‘I got an email from my sister Lucia,’ Flick called out, hoping to prompt Rushe back into the room. ‘She and Vivian are having a joint anniversary party weekend. They want us to go... Look at that, Lucia was married on the twenty-second and Vivian was married on the twenty-fourth of the same month, I didn’t know that... in different years of course. Does that mean we will have to get married on the twenty-third?’

Flick hadn’t heard Rushe retort but she felt him approach so she looked over her shoulder, his stern expression made her groan.

‘I was kidding. Why would I want to marry you?’ Rushe didn’t respond to her quip. ‘What?’ Flick got up out of her chair to rest her hands in his pockets. ‘Rushe, you’re scaring me. What is it?’

‘Jansen’s in the hospital. His condition is critical.’

‘Jansen...? The undercover cop who saved our asses from the human traffickers, and from Victor and Simone, that Jansen?’


‘This is it, isn’t it?’ she asked. ‘The danger has come to find us, just like you said it would.’

‘Yeah, Kitten, we have to go back to the beginning.’

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