Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

Rushe was right that there were many other people here. Flick had to weave through various groups to reach her aim. As she progressed, the one constant she was most conscious of was Rushe’s eyes burning into her spine. His stare was so intense, and already Flick knew it so well, that being protected by his gaze was second nature to her.

At the refreshment stand, she ordered for herself, and for Rushe too. The vendor disappeared to fill the order, so Flick drummed her fingernails on the counter.

‘Let me buy that for you.’

Flick didn’t want to turn around. She didn’t want to give face to the words because there was one thing she knew for sure – the speaker hadn’t been Rushe.

‘No, thanks,’ Flick said, leaning over the counter in hope to see the vendor return with the drinks, but he was nowhere in sight.

‘A beautiful thing like you shouldn’t be buying her own drinks.’

‘I’m not,’ Flick said. ‘My boyfriend opened a tab when we arrived.’

‘Is that your standard response? You must get hit on a lot.’

‘Not so much recently, if I’m honest.’

These days Flick was aware of when she drew men’s attention, partly because her more recently found vigilance made her look around, also because when men looked at her Rushe went on high alert.

‘I’ll change that if you turn around and talk to me,’ he said.

‘No, actually, that’s not a good idea.’

‘What do you mean—‘


And Flick knew they definitely had one now. ‘No problem,’ Flick said.

‘I wasn’t asking you,’ Rushe said.

Flick spun to see Rushe bearing over the man who had spoken to her. ‘Said boyfriend,’ Flick said by way of explanation. ‘I did try to warn you.’

Rushe hadn’t been having fun, but now he had a hapless victim in his sights. He would remind Flick that it was impossible to be a hundred percent sure what someone’s intentions were. This guy didn’t pose an obvious threat, but Rushe had been bored and now he had sport.

Flick knew this couldn’t end well; at least it couldn’t end well for the guy who didn’t have a shred of a tan left. Likely, his pallor had more to do with the invisible pressure Rushe exerted than the lack of sunlight.

‘Maybe we should go,’ Flick said. Though her words were vague, the intent of her intonation was to convey how adamant she really was.

‘You’re having fun,’ Rushe said, without taking his attention from the shrinking man.

‘I was having fun,’ Flick said, although sitting by the pool with Rushe hadn’t been fun so much as foreplay.

Rushe was commanding in the bedroom at the best of times. But subtle actions on her part could push him closer to the edge. Rushe was a man who took what he wanted, when he wanted it, and Flick didn’t make a habit of refusing him. In fact, she could count on one hand the number of times that she had.

The stranger spoke up, ‘Man, I didn’t mean anything by it, she’s a good looking woman and—‘

‘Trust me, you’re only making things worse,’ Flick said, coiling her fingers around Rushe’s wrist. ‘I want to go home now.’

‘I’m busy,’ Rushe grumbled, in that way when his lips didn’t move.

‘Ignore him, he intimidates for a living,’ Flick said.

Rushe didn’t say anything, but the guy shrank even further back, so Flick dug her nails into Rushe’s skin.

‘He’s good at it,’ the guy stuttered.

‘I want to have sex,’ Flick said.

‘I don’t,’ Rushe replied.

‘Yes, you do. You’re just being ornery.’

‘And you’re trying to distract me.’

‘Even so,’ Flick said. ‘You get sex out of the deal.’

‘If I want sex, I get sex. I say when.’

Rushe knew how to take control, and he liked to imply that sex was for his pleasure above all else. But when his pleasure came from controlling her orgasms time and again, Flick was at ease with the illusion.

‘I want sex now, and if you won’t supply...’ Flick released his wrist, but she didn’t get two inches away before Rushe’s hand snapped up to seize her wrist.

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