Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

Bringing her head toward his groin Rushe shifted forward a step, and taking himself in his other hand, he touched the tip of his bulging head to her lips. Flick didn’t react.

‘You’re my whore, open.’

Unlocking her jaw Flick let her sticky lips part. While pushing her head toward him, Rushe propelled forward until the blunt top of his penis met the back of her throat.

Sliding back again, Rushe painted her lips with his preseed and urged himself into her cheek, undulating back and forth giving her a reminder of his mass. Flick tried to reposition her head to direct him to the back of her mouth again, but Rushe’s grip in her hair bit deeper, and he held her in position.

‘You’re a greedy little slut,’ Rushe grumbled. ‘This isn’t for your pleasure.’

Next he impelled himself into her throat, which caught Flick off guard and she didn’t have the time to inhale. Rushe held for a couple of seconds then moved out and back in. He stretched the confines of her throat, half a dozen times, each advance slower than the last.

Retreating, he left her mouth entirely and he bumped her aside. The taste of him on her lips made Flick crave more; she leaned against the edge of the mattress and tucked her feet underneath herself.

Rushe sat on the edge of the bed to unlace his boots, as if he had all the time in the world. His denim clad thigh was only a few inches from her head.

‘Rushe,’ Flick sighed, rolling her cheek onto the bed to face his direction.

‘You like it when I fuck that sweet little mouth of yours; you get what I give you. It’s not feeding time yet.’

He stood again to shirk his jeans; as soon as he was naked, he took hold of her hair again. Instead of using his penis in her mouth, this time he kept it in his grip to lift it up. Licking her lips, Flick came forward to kiss the base of him then suck on his balls. Using her hands when her mouth released him, and with gentle pressure, she clasped and bounced them. She didn’t hear his groan, it vibrated through him and into her.

The hand on the top of her head shifted until both of his hands were on the back of her skull. Flick saw this as the invitation to take control, so she parted her lips and took him into her mouth again. With a long suck, she held position; releasing the vacuum of suction she slurped him in and out. Exploring the ridges and grooves of his member again, she toyed with his testicles, placed kisses where she could, then pulled him into her throat again, sucking him in then letting her hand follow him out.

With another push his hands started to increase her pace, forcing himself deeper into her until all Flick could do was breathe.

Extending her arms up between them, she dug her nails into his muscles, scratching her way down to his groin until with a roar of possession, he surged into her throat and his thick, salty milk flowed into her belly.

His breathing was faster than hers was, and long after she’d swallowed him, Rushe’s penis stayed in her mouth. But when she swallowed again he twitched, and then Rushe backed out.

‘On the bed,’ he said. ‘On your back.’

Flick climbed up and landed on her back. Bringing her bare heels up to her rear she let her knees fall apart, just how Rushe liked her to present. Then, she waited.

‘That snug little cunt of yours hungry?’ he asked. Flick nodded. ‘If you weren’t such a greedy little whore I’d be fucking you right now. You want me to fuck you? Do you?’ She nodded. ‘Speak.’


Rushe knew how his dirty talk affected her. Now that they were together, there were occasions he played it up, pushing further each time. Their deep-rooted trust allowed their sexual play to become almost like theatre; each knew their roles, and both of them worked hard to get the other riled more every time. It was a game; a saucy, sexy exchange that stirred them into a stimulated, lustful frenzy.

‘You liked showing off those hot titties today? You’re a little whore, out parading for those pretty boys... those tits are mine, your pussy is mine, your body belongs to me, you do with it what I tell you. Speak.’

‘Yes, sir.’

He held out an open palm. ‘Ankle.’

Flick stretched her leg up toward him, he took hold of her ankle and thrust it up, making her slide closer to him at the edge of the bed.

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