Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

Rushe bit the ball of her foot then kissed it. He kissed her instep, her heel, and then her ankle. Crouching lower, he took her calf up to his shoulder. When one of his knees moved to the mattress between hers, Flick’s skin prickled in anticipation.

His rough hand skimmed down her leg to the back of her knee, and she sighed at the delicate magic touch. He’d found a soft spot there on the back of her knee that poured heavy embers into her abdomen, and it made every hair on her body respond in salute.

‘You don’t deserve to be fucked, not after that stunt today.’

‘I’m sorry, Lover, I—‘

‘No,’ he said, slapping his other hand on her still bent knee. ‘You’re gonna learn that playing with me has consequences.’

Falling to his knees on the floor beside the bed, Flick was surprised when Rushe hooked her other leg over his shoulder and yanked her butt to the edge of the bed.

He kissed her clit, and then ran his tongue down the seam of her into her vacant passage. Flick closed her eyes and wriggled against his advancing action. When his tongue retreated from within, Rushe directed his attention back to her clit, and flicking it repeatedly, he then sucked it between his teeth and salved it with his tongue.

His arms came around her thighs and each of his thumbs pushed down the inside of her outer labia, narrowing the space his tongue played in but further concentrating the area of her pleasure.

‘Rushe,’ she whimpered.

‘You’re dirty, Kitten. Dirty and desperate, you’re fucking drenched. I’m drinking you down in mouthfuls. What’s in your head now?’

‘I’m thinking about your mouth, about your tongue, your hands, how you torment me.’

Instantly, his mouth abandoned its post, and Flick lifted her head from the bed to see his frowning eyes over her pubis.

‘I torment you?’

‘You know how you do,’ Flick said, crossing her legs at the back of his neck. ‘You know how much I want you.’ Flick constricted her legs slightly. ‘How much I love you.’

She tightened further, but Rushe got a hold of her ankles and ducked out of her vice.

‘You’re gonna pay for that manipulation,’ he said, coming back to full height before her. ‘I’m tempted to leave you without.’

Up until now, Rushe had never left her sexually unsatisfied, but Flick knew he wasn’t the type to make false promises. Taking her palms from the bed, she moved them to her breasts. Flick increased her grip, making Rushe’s eyes flare, but he shook his head.

‘Hands off. I didn’t say you could play with my toys.’ Rushe took hold of her bent knees, and with force, he shunted her to the centre of the bed, and then he came down upon her.

Taking a breast in each hand, Rushe mimicked her squeeze, and then he rolled her nipples. Dipping his head, he pinged one of them with his tongue, but the pampering didn’t last long because his face appeared above hers again.

‘Sex. The only thing a man thinks when he looks at you is sex. You weren’t teasing them today; in his head, each one of those guys nailed you good. They were thinking about your body, what they’d do to your hot, tight ass.’

Sweeping his arms under her, Rushe took a butt cheek in each hand and adjusted her angle. His thickness took up residence in the strip his tongue had frolicked in, causing Flick pleasurable torture.

‘You belong to me, Kitten. You do what I tell you. No other man will ever touch you. If I see it again... if I have to watch one more man approach and threaten my property, I’ll kill him, Felicity. I don’t want any man near you.’

‘He didn’t threaten me.’ She knew how he despised being out of control, but until this moment Flick hadn’t realised how much today riled him. ‘Lover...?’

‘You’re gonna see one day...’

‘See what?’

‘You’re gonna see what I’m capable of.’

‘I know what you’re capable of,’ Flick said. ‘I’ve been with you; we’ve been through it together.’

‘That was nothing.’

‘You’ve got something to lose now,’ she said. ‘That’s what you’re afraid of.’

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