Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

‘No,’ Flick said, unsure if he was awake. ‘I mean yes, we’re having sex, but—’

The knock came again, and Rushe’s eyes instantly opened. In an involuntary but flattering act, Rushe observed her naked figure straddling him and his embedded member pulsed in satisfaction.

‘I can’t get you off my cock, can I?’

The knock sounded again, and Rushe sat up.

‘Is this it? The danger coming to us?’ she asked.

The drawer in the nightstand on Rushe’s side began to buzz, so he reached past her to open it and retrieved a small black pager Flick had never seen before. She also couldn’t see the glowing screen that Rushe now read, but the knock distracted her again.

‘Should I get dressed? Do I need a weapon?’

‘You don’t need to do anything,’ Rushe said, and with an arm around her waist for support, he dipped her back to kiss each of her nipples. ‘Don’t touch. I’ll finish you off when I get back.’

Rushe lifted her body away from his, but Flick snatched his neck. ‘Back? You’re not going anywhere without me. What’s going on?’

‘No time to explain it, Kitten.’


‘No,’ he said without nonsense, so this time she let him remove her hands from his body.

Still with the pager in one hand, Rushe retrieved his jeans from the floor and climbed into them. Flick sat alone and naked in the middle of the bed, feeling hollow now that he no longer occupied her body or her bed.

‘I love you,’ Flick said, as he clipped the pager onto his belt.

His eyes flicked to hers. ‘I’m not gonna die. I’m going into the living room, that’s it.’

‘You’re inviting them in here?’

Flick caught the corner of the sheet they’d slept on and held it to her chest. The knocking continued to come intermittently, so either the person didn’t know not to piss off Rushe by hurrying him, or they were frantic.

When Rushe observed her action and her position his brows clamped down.

‘You think I would let anyone hurt you?’ He approached the bed again. ‘Do you think I would let people into our home who had the intention to hurt you?’ Rushe snatched the sheet from her hands and tossed it toward the end of the bed, where it fluttered off to the floor.


‘Up!’ Rushe demanded.



Flick pushed up to her knees and walked on them to the side where he stood. ‘They’re still out there.’

‘They’ll wait,’ he growled, without moving his lips. ‘This,’ he said, and grabbed her breasts, ‘is mine.’

‘I know.’

One hand began to work her nipple, while the other glided down her sensitive waist to her hip, and then it moved aside to cup her crotch.

‘No one touches what’s mine. You’ll always be safe here.’

‘I know,’ she said, hooking her hands into his jeans pockets to rest her weight on his. ‘But I still love you.’

‘I know,’ Rushe said.

At the same time Flick kissed his jaw one of his fingers jabbed into her up to his knuckle, taking her by surprise.

‘I’ll wake you up when I’m done,’ he said, and as he departed, he took his invading finger into his mouth to clean her taste from his digit.

Flick knew to trust Rushe’s instinct. He regularly told her to obey commands too... though she didn’t always concede them.

They’d known each other for less than half a year, but with the gravity of what they’d experienced together, Flick was content that she knew who Rushe was; she knew the essence of him. But tonight reminded her that she didn’t know all of what he was; she didn’t know everything about him.

Flick would trust Rushe with her life; she had done so in the past. Moreover, he’d always been up front about his life; she hadn’t been sold a bill of goods. Questions zoomed through her mind in the same way they hung in Rushe’s aura. But she wouldn’t push, through time all would be revealed.

But this was the part she struggled with the most. It wasn’t so much that she was left out, though she didn’t like that she was. Lying here in their bed alone listening to the distant murmur of voices drifting through, Flick grew curious. Being separate from whatever was now going on made Flick feel helpless, and she wanted to help Rushe, to be there for him. He’d spoken about them working together, but so far he hadn’t had the whisper of work. At least that was what Flick had thought until today, when he told her he’d turned jobs down.

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