Falling for my Neighbor

By: Lila Younger

Wyatt doesn’t need to be told twice. He unzips himself, freeing the steel length of his cock. I lift a leg high onto his waist, holding tight onto his shoulders as his cock pushes up against me. My pussy throbs with lust, as his cock brushes up against me, coating itself with my cream before he pushes himself into me. I gasp as Wyatt breaches my entrance, grunting into my neck as he buries himself in me completely. His balls slap against my ass.

“Isabelle,” he hisses.

I close my eyes, moaning as he thrusts into me with a powerful stroke. His cock is hard, getting harder inside of me. I’m impaled upon his cock, my toes barely touching the ground as he fucks me. I hold onto his neck, kissing him, as he penetrates me over and over, his cock spreading me wide as he slams into me. We’re getting louder, but I don’t care, the rhythmic thumps against the wall smothered by the sound of our pants. I start to cry out, and Wyatt claps a hand over my mouth, and somehow that just turns me on even more.

He moves faster, his glistening cock pistoning in and out of my pink, aching cunt. I’m so close, so close, just a little, and then his finger reaches down, rubs my clit, and that overload of sensation if finally enough to push me over, a wave of ecstasy taking me away. My pussy clamps down onto his cock as I come, my vision turning black as Wyatt fucks me to his own release, spurting out strings of hot cum inside of me. My body shudders, so sensitive to any kind of touch as pleasure rides through me, my breath almost stopping as I hold onto my love. My legs turned to jelly, and he has to hold me until finally we descend back to earth, still full of Wyatt inside of me. He kisses me softly, prolonging the intimacy, the beautiful feeling of closeness we share every time we make love.

I never want to let this moment go. But I know that we’ll have so many more of them, because I’m his, and I always will be.

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