Filthy Boss

By: Penny Wylder

A Dirty Office Novella

Chapter 1.


These shoes were the wrong choice for this party. Not even an hour in, and it feels like I'm stepping on nails. Big ones. But, given everything, the party isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Let's be honest, who actually wants to go to work parties—especially for a company they haven't even started to work for? But I didn't have anything better to do tonight. If we're honest I rarely have anything to do that's social. Sigh.

But the music here is actually from this decade and Saxon Hotels, Inc. didn't skimp on the alcohol. It could be worse. I look across the room for Molly—the girl from HR who let me know I was hired and invited me tonight. She greeted me and then promptly abandoned me, which is why I am currently making my permanent residence the shadowy corner by the drinks table. But, like I said, it could be worse.

A blonde girl wearing a pink dress approaches the table of drinks. The dress hugs curves on her that are frankly just unfair. As if she can sense me thinking about her she's suddenly looking at me, and then she's gliding over. "You're Alyssa, right? Molly told me we had a new hire, and you're the only person I don't recognize."

"Yeah, that's me." I smile, "I figured I'd skip the awkward first day and go straight to getting drunk with my coworkers."

"Solid choice." She says, "We do enjoy getting drunk. Though this is nothing compared to our New Year's Party. People usually don't make it through that one unscathed." She scans the room, "You see that guy over there? That's Mark. He's the typical bender guy—you know every office has one. Last New Year's he got so drunk he bought everything in the vending machine and woke up the next day shirtless and covered in cheetos."

I choke on my drink, "Wow."

She gives me a small conspiratorial smile and scans the room again. "Over there in the blue? That's Chelsea. A couple of years ago she ended up in the mail room with more than one of the interns." She gives me a look that leaves no doubt about her opinion on Chelsea.

I force a laugh, and pray I never get on Jennifer's bad side. I'm glad I'm finally feeling my Cosmo start to relax my body. "You seem to know everyone's dirt."

"Oh, I know everything." She smiles smoothly, "I'm Jennifer, by the way."

I shake her hand. "Nice to meet you. You already know my name."

"I do, but I don't know what desk you'll be at tomorrow."

"Executive Secretary for Charles Saxon." I take a sip of my drink.


It doesn't seem like a happy or friendly 'wow.' "Is there something wrong with him?" I haven't met him, but his name is on the door, so I figure he can't be that bad.

"No, no." She says a little too quickly. "Have you met him yet?"

"Not yet. He was out of the office for meetings today. Molly said that he signed off on my resume. So I guess tomorrow will either be really great or really terrible—no in between."

She presses her lips together. "Can I tell you something, just to make it easier for you?"

"Sure. I mean, you've already proved that you know everything." I wink, knowing she's already decided to tell me.

She doesn't laugh. "'s just that Charles has a certain...reputation with women."

"What do you mean?"

She reaches out and puts her hand on my shoulder, I can tell she wants to look concerned. "I mean that you're very pretty, and he's very charming. He's also incredibly hot. So just be careful."

I laugh, "Don't worry. I've known more than my share of men like that. It takes more than charm to get under my skirt. I'll set some boundaries as soon as I meet him."

She nods. "Good."

"There you are!" Molly appears from out of nowhere, slinging her arm around my shoulder, clearly having already had more drinks than I have. "I'm so happy that you came, did I tell you that? And I see that you met Jenn. She's my eyes and ears. Whatever you need, she'll help you."

"She will indeed." I say, smiling. I take another sip of my drink only to find it empty. "Be right back, I'm getting a refill."

Molly switches her chatter to Jennifer as I step away and make myself another drink. Definitely not bad. If everyone is this friendly and relaxed I think I'm going to like working here, even if I have to keep the boss at arms length. I'm sure he won't be the worst I've had to deal with, and he’s probably too old to do anything much anyway. I glance up to find to find a gift from the gods staring at me. Gorgeous, delicious, eye candy. And the alcohol must be really hitting me now if I say things like eye candy.

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