Good Girls Say Yes

By: Penny Wylder

Hands land on my hips and I spin to find the sexy man on the dance floor with me. He’s a really good dancer, and he guides us with a quiet confidence that only turns me on more. I don’t mind the way his hands are wandering further than I would normally let them. I want them to wander. I want him to make me feel good.

I press my back against his chest and his arm slips around my waist, pinning me against him as our hips move together. He’s hard against my back and it makes my heart race. I can’t remember the last time someone was so obviously turned on by me. It’s hot and it makes me want more—to push him so he can’t help but sweep me off my feet and carry me away. I push my ass back into him, and suddenly his lips are on my neck, and damn, I can feel those lips everywhere. It’s a good thing I wore underwear because I’m clearly not in control of myself, and Lily’s wedding is the last place I want to make a fool of myself.

Mr. Sexy’s hand dips lower, teasing me with brushing fingers through the fabric of my dress. If the hem were shorter, I have no doubt that his hand would be underneath it. Arousal surges through me, and I’m shocked by just how much I want that to happen.

Turning to face him again, I find fire in his eyes, and I want that fire in me and all over me. We’re not dancing anymore, just standing in the middle of the movement. He weaves his fingers into my hair, tilting my head back just far enough for him to lean down and kiss me, and I know what it means to be lit by that fire. His other arm snakes around my back, holding me against him, and the hand in my hair holds me still while he deepens our kiss. I’m fully wet now, I can feel it, and I try to kiss him back even though I can’t really move. He knows what he’s doing, and when he pulls away, I’m breathless from more than just the dancing.

Pulling me off the dance floor, we move back to the bar where he hands me the glass of water that he promised to give me earlier. “Drink that.”

“And here I thought that you were going to sweep me into a corner and have your way with me.”

A sly smile and another raised eyebrow. “We’ll get to that, I promise you. But first we’re going to deal with the fact that you left when I told you not to move.”

I laugh, and it feels good. “I wasn’t aware that I needed your permission to dance at my friend’s wedding.”

His eyes narrow and there’s a small frown on his face. “The rules of the wedding were clearly laid out in the invitation. Any unattached subs are to obey any Dom who gives them a command when it’s a question of health or safety. I’m concerned about the amount of alcohol you have in your system. So drink the water.”

There’s an edge to his voice on those last words that has me reaching for the cup, but I stop halfway there. “Wait, what?”

“I don’t like having to repeat myself, Emma.” His frown is deeper now.

“You think I’m one of those girls that sits at people’s feet and does what anyone tells them to do?” I burst out laughing. “Wow, did you misread that one. Look, you’re probably one of the sexiest men I’ve ever had the chance to meet, and damn can you dance. And that kiss—” I stop myself before I can throw myself on him for another one. “But I’m not a sub. I’m not in the ‘scene.’ I’m not yours to boss around, so you can take your little rules and disappointed frown and shove them up your ass.”

I realize there’s silence in the immediate vicinity, and I see people looking at us. I hadn’t realized how loud I was speaking or that I yelled that last part. Even Lily is looking at me and blushing. A wave of embarrassment rolls over me. I’m not usually like this. I don’t get this drunk and embarrass my friends at their weddings. Mr. Sexy doesn’t look phased, he simply looks at me with a small, infuriating smile.

Unable to look at him or bear the weight of strangers’ stares, I grab the glass of water and stalk across the room to an empty table in the corner, as far away from the dance floor as possible. I collapse into the chair and start to drink the damn water, only to find that he’s followed me. “What do you want?”

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