Hate to Lose You

By: Penny Wylder

I trail after her, enjoying the view of her swaying backside, her ass looking fucking irresistible in the skirt she’s wearing, a loose, flowing one that nevertheless clings to the backs of her thighs with every step to afford me a view of everything she has to offer.

Those creeps from the gas station couldn’t be farther from my mind right now. In fact, all the constant anxiety and thoughts that have plagued me for the last four months seems to vanish, dialed back, drowned out by the swell of desire.

Daisy here is one hell of a great distraction.

We reach her car, which as promised, is in a shaded location, out in the back of the store beneath a wide dogwood tree whose branches drape low enough that they almost graze the top of the vehicle. Which, by the way, I would not call a car. I know everything’s bigger in the south, but does anyone in suburban Georgia really need a vehicle like this, one of those larger-than-life SUVs built for off-roading, which people seem to enjoy spending crazy amounts of money on to fuel just to run errands around town?

Still, I’m not about to complain about how much room there is in the backseat. Tinted windows, too…

“You can load those in the back,” Daisy tells me, tapping a button on her keychain that opens the trunk between us. She flashes me a quick wink and a broad grin.

“Anyone ever tell you that smile of yours is gonna get you into trouble someday?” I reply as I hoist the bags of groceries into the trunk for her.

“Oh trust me, it already has.” She taps another button, and as the trunk starts to close, I follow her around the far side of the car, faced away from the store. “That is,” she adds, as we round the far side of the car, one hand of hers on the door handle, “if you really are trouble.” She glances over her shoulder at me. “Which I think you might be.”

I reach up to plant one hand on each side of her, pinning her between my arms as I grin down at her. “Me? All I did was bump into you. Which, I might add, I’ve already apologized for. Not to mention I carried your bags all the way out here, like a real gentleman.” I bend closer.

She tilts her face toward mine, until our lips are a breath apart. But those blue eyes of hers remain fixed on mine, as bright and defiant as ever. “You want a medal for doing the polite thing after colliding with a lady?” She smirks and lifts an eyebrow. “Anyway, you’re the one who started all the kissing, too.”

“You didn’t seem to mind,” I point out.

“Just because you’re good at kissing doesn’t mean the whole situation wasn’t your fault to start with.”

“So you’d rather I didn’t kiss you again.”

Her gaze drops to my mouth, almost on instinct. “I didn’t say that.”

“That’s a shame,” I reply. “Because I was really looking forward to tasting more of you than just those gorgeous lips.”

Her lips part slightly, revealing the perfect, lush curve of her lower lip as she breathes in once, hard. “Now you’re just teasing me,” she whispers.

“Not at all.” I straighten, and drop my arms, standing upright. “I don’t want to put you in an uncomfortable position.” I back away a step. “I only pursue women who are receptive to my charms.”

For a moment, she looks conflicted, like she’s warring with herself. Trying to resist something she doesn’t want to admit. But in the end, she reaches out to catch my hand, before I can back away any farther. “Believe me,” she says. “When I call you trouble, it’s not a bad thing.” With her free hand, she reaches behind her to open the back door of her car. She leaves it hanging open behind her like an invitation, as she curls her other hand around mine, her fingers winding between my own. “I love trouble. Especially when it comes in a package as fine as you.”

I raise an eyebrow and step toward her again, though I don’t make a move to touch her again. Not yet.

But when she moves to meet me, slides her arms up to my shoulders and whispers, “I want this,” that’s my cue.

I catch her around the waist and lift her easily—for all her curves, she doesn’t weigh much to me, perhaps because I’m so much taller and solidly built. She wraps her legs around my waist, obliging, and I step forward, moving until her ass collides with the back seat, which I lay her down along, my mouth finding hers to claim her once again.

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