Hate to Lose You

By: Penny Wylder

She bucks up against my hand, her eyes and hands still glued to my abs. “You’re not too hard to look at yourself, y’know.”

I trace my hand across her pussy again, and savor the way her eyelids flutter half-shut, and her lips parts, just a little, in a faint gasp. “I don’t want to just look, though,” I murmur, as I kiss the underside of her breasts, one at a time, and then trace my tongue down that sexy little dip between them, and follow its trail down, down toward her belly, making sure to drag my teeth lightly across her skin as I move, making her shiver and gasp again.

“What… do you want, then?” she manages to murmur, her breath hitching with every inch I move closer to her hips.

I dip my tongue into the divot of her navel, curl the tip to flick it against her belly button, and she shifts underneath me, straining her hips higher with want. I love watching her, love knowing that I’m making her react like this. “What do I want?” I repeat, mostly to drag out the moment, as I slide my hands around her backside to grip her pert, perfect ass and lift her closer to me.

I bend down to kiss my way down the baby-soft skin between her navel and the top of her panties. Once there, I drag my tongue along the edge of her panties, until she’s practically panting.

“I want to watch you come for me, Daisy,” I say, and her eyes flash open, lock on mine. Her face is flushed; her hair mussed from her head lolling in want, and it only makes her look hotter than fucking ever. “I want to lick and kiss and suck your clit until you forget your own name.” I slip one hand around to trace up her side, cupping the curve at the small of her back to lift her toward me, as I kiss her hipbone, trace my tongue along it. When I look back at her, I’m grinning. “I want to fuck you so hard you’ll have trouble driving yourself home.”

She opens her mouth. For a second, I think she’s going to tell me she’s changed her mind. That she doesn’t want to do this after all. I’d understand—everything moved so fucking fast since the moment I saw her, it’s like the rest of the world has faded to a blur. But I can’t help it. She asked what I want, and this is it. I want her. Now. I can’t wait. Not if I can help it.

“I’ve never done anything like this,” she finally admits, in a whisper that sounds so unlike the way she sounded a few minutes ago, all confidence and sureness in herself.

It makes me sit back, then reach up to catch her hand. “We can stop,” I say, though it makes my cock throb in pain to even think about it now.

Thank god, she seems just as pained by the idea. Her eyes flash. “Hell no,” she says. “I don’t want to stop. I just…” Her cheeks redden even more. “Do you have… um…”

I almost laugh when I understand. “I have condoms, Daisy.”

“Oh.” She relaxes back against the seat, then. “In that case. I definitely want you to fuck me. Right here in this parking lot,” she adds with a devious grin.

I grin too, and reach down to catch her panties with my thumb. I tug them down, slowly, teasing out the reveal. “Right here in front of all those nice churchgoing ladies back at the store?”

“Right here in broad daylight,” she whispers, her voice all heat and fire again.

With a sharp tug, I pull her panties the rest of the way off, down her thighs, and I pause to drink her in. Fucking hell. She’s impossible to resist. All soft curves and silky-smooth skin, her pussy fully shaven and flushed pink. I bend to kiss her mound, which makes her inhale sharply through her teeth. Her hands find their way into my hair, burrowing in so she can grip my hair for purchase. Which she’ll need, as I push her thighs apart, my fingers teasing along the edges of her pussy lips.

She smells incredible, and tastes even better. Even before I reach her pussy, I catch the flavors of salt and a sharper spice that’s all her. I trace my tongue along the creases of her thighs, and spread her pussy lips with my thumb and middle finger, tracing my index finger along her slit slowly.

“Someone’s already wet,” I point out, feeling the way my finger glides easily along her slit, already coated in her glistening juices.

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