Hate to Lose You

By: Penny Wylder

“Soaked,” she murmurs, her eyes half-hooded with want.

“And here I thought I was the troublemaker between the two of us.” I smirk and press a little harder, adding another finger to her slit and making sure to slide all the way up to circle her clit with this stroke.

She gasps and jumps against the seat, before she schools herself still again. “There’s… room for… more than one in this car,” she finishes with a smile, eyes still tracking me, even as her breath hitches again, as I stroke her over, and over, and over.

When her muscles start to tense, getting close, I bend down to replace my hand with my mouth, stroking my tongue along her slit, all the way up to her clit, which I barely graze, but it still makes her groan a little. I cup under her thighs with both hands and make my tongue into a thick point, before I push the tip inside her pussy, slowly, a centimeter at a time.

Her groans grow louder, and she bucks up toward me, arching her hips up against my face as I dive my tongue into her tight little hole. Fuck, she tastes amazing. And every little breathy gasp just makes me harder, knowing I’m making her do this, making her lose control.

I’ve never done anything like this, she said.

Neither have I, really. I mean, I’ve picked up women from bars before, hooked up, had one-night stands. Never in broad daylight, though, with someone I literally just bumped in to. But I’m not about to question any of this now. She’s irresistible, and I’m all too happy not to fucking try to resist her.

I curl my tongue inside her and drag it along her inner front wall, right over the bumpy area of her G-spot. She groans and bucks against my face, and I grip her hips, pull her against me so my lips are crushed against her pussy and my tongue is as deep inside her as possible. From there, holding her against my face, I start to tongue her hard and fast, licking deep inside her with every stroke.

Before long she’s crying out my name under her breath, bucking against me.

When she close to the edge, I pull out and flatten my tongue like a blade, stroking it over her clit in broad, flat strokes. It only takes one, two, three licks like that before she screams, a sound that echoes inside the tight confines of her car. Her thighs clamp around my head and her body writhes on the seat beneath me, her hands so tight in my hair they almost hurt.

I draw back while she’s still panting, still trying to catch her breath, and in one swift move, I undo my belt, grabbing a condom from the emergency stash in my wallet with my other hand. I tear it with my teeth while she starts to recover, reaching for me again.

“Fuck me,” she breathes, her hands catching mine, taking the now-open condom wrapper from me.

I push my pants down at the same time that she unrolls it, and she only pauses for a second, her eyes wide as they latch onto my cock, at the hard length under my boxers. I tug those down next, and her mouth parts in surprise. “Don’t worry,” I say, unable to keep a faint smirk from the corners of my mouth. I’ve seen this reaction from women before. At 8 inches long and more than a few thick, I’m larger than many women are used to. “I’ll be gentle,” I promise, something they usually want to hear as a reassurance.

But Daisy just grabs my thick cock with both hands, and starts to unroll the XL condom along my length. “Don’t you dare,” she says, catching my eye with the bright flash of a dare in her gaze. “I like it rough.”

I have to laugh at that. “Even better.” Then I catch her hips and, without warning, lift her up off the seat. I flip her around so she’s on her stomach, her breasts pressed flat against the seat, her knees on the floor, and I position myself behind her, parting her pussy lips with the thick head of my cock, and stroking along her slit to coat myself in her wet juices. I bend down to kiss the nape of her neck, then whisper against the soft hairs curled there. “But be careful what you wish for.”

With that, I plunge inside her, all in one hard stroke. We both moan loudly, the desperate edge in her voice just making me harder, because fuck, she feels so fucking good. Her pussy is tight as hell, like a fist around me, and so wet her juices practically drip down my balls as I draw back and slam into her again, hard enough to make her bounce up off the seat. She braces herself with both hands, and I grab her broad hips for balance, finding a rhythm as I drive into her over and over.

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