Her Bosses Baby

By: Kimmy Love

 A BWWM Pregnancy Romance

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Despite being childhood sweethearts, it is clear that the love went out of Macey's marriage many years ago. Her once-perfect husband is now an abusive drunk and Macey wants better for herself.

So it is no surprise when she finds herself in the arms of another man.

Her boss Adam is caring, respectful and chivalrous. He is everything she knows she wants in a man and as they grow closer, several nights of passion soon follow.

However, despite being careful the inevitable happens. Macey finds herself pregnant.

Is she carrying her Bosses' baby? Or is it her husbands?

And more importantly, who will she be with when she finds out the truth?

Chapter One

Drew has that look in his eye again as he glares at me from across the table. I sit here wishing to God the table was a lot wider, that I was closer to the door, and that I hadn’t gone and opened my big mouth and said, “Are you job searching today?”

Five little words. That’s all. But five more than he wanted to hear.

“What are you saying, Macey?” he says through gritted teeth. “You saying I’m lazy? That I sit around all day waiting for you to bring home the bacon?”

I don’t answer. I just stare down at the coffee that’s been going cold as Drew gave me that deathly look.

“Well?” He brings his fists down hard on the table. Everything rattles and so do my nerves. In one fell swoop, he leaps to his feet and pulls me up off my chair, grabbing the collar of my blouse and pushing me into the kitchen counter. The wood presses hard into the small of my back and Drew’s breath is hot on my face. His knuckles are digging into my neck. He’ll rip my blouse if he doesn’t calm down—and it won’t be the first time.

I can’t breathe. My eyes dart from side-to-side and my throat goes dry.

“Drew, please,” I manage to whisper, but Drew’s cheeks are burning red and his eyes look through me and not at me.

He pulls on my collar, shifting me several inches away from where he had me jammed and shoves me towards the door.

“Get out!” he yells. “Get the hell out before I make you sorry you questioned me.” He points his forefinger at me; it’s like a knife. The rest of his hand is in a large fist with that finger waving towards my face. “Don’t you sit in judgment of me, Macey. I’m trying, okay? I’m trying to find a job, but there ain’t nothing out there for me. You get it?”

I nod quickly and leave the kitchen. I head straight for the bedroom, grab my purse, and put on my shoes. My hair is in a rough mess: a pony tail twisted into a tatty scrunchy from when I was taking my shower. I have no make-up on and I barely took a mouthful of breakfast, but I get out of that apartment fast. I’m dreading the day that this new streak of violence that Drew is showing escalates into something more serious than foul language, name calling, and the occasional shove.

Down at the bus stop, I look back at our apartment block. I’m still shaking and I can’t understand what snapped in Drew. He isn’t the man I married. I had realized that a while ago now. The Drew who walked me down the aisle was a sweetheart, an enthusiastic nineteen-year-old with ambition and dreams of becoming an engineer.

I was seventeen when we married. I hadn’t finished school but I was so in love with Drew that when he told me he was taking me away from that small-minded, small town of ours, I couldn’t wait. Only problem was, when I left home, my momma told me never to come back. I make my bed; I lie in it. She told me Drew was no better than that red neck, drunk of a father like his and now, eight years later, I’m beginning to see that she was right.

The bus comes and I get on. I can rush into the bathroom at work and fix myself up properly before I get to my office. As I sit down, I try to take myself back to a few hours ago. I was nice and warm in bed. Drew had his arm around me. It felt good. Bit by bit he had inched up the Mickey Mouse nightdress I was wearing so that my boobs were showing. My pussy had already moistened, ready for his big, morning erection. He had played with my anticipation, running a finger along my slit and spreading the moisture around the whole, hot interior of my pussy. He’d circled my nipples with his tongue before pushing his cock deep into me. I’d clung to him, loving every hard jerk of his pelvis as his hardness drove deeper into me. My orgasm was a wonderful mix of both vaginal and clitoral and I screamed with the ecstasy of it.

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