Her Bosses Baby

By: Kimmy Love

“He needs me.”

“He needs you? Macey, you think I didn’t see that bruise on your back?”

“It was an accident, I stumbled backwards.”

“Macey, please. I’m not an idiot. Whatever happened with him and you, I know it wasn’t good. A man like that is not for you. You deserve more. How could you even think of staying with him?”

I’m quiet a long time. “You don’t know what we’ve been through. He does—he does need me.”

“I need you.” He stops stroking my skin. “I’m serious, Macey. You think I would cheat on my wife if I didn’t think we had a future?”

“I never promised you anything, Adam.”

The truth is I can’t tell him I’m scared. I’m afraid to tell Drew that I want to leave him. I know what he’ll do. He’ll carry out his threat to become physical with me and I don’t know where it will end. But I can’t summon the courage to tell Adam the truth. Instead I lie and make out I’m more together than I appear.

“Look, Adam. You say you want to leave your wife but a lot of men say that.”

“I would never lie to you, Macey. You must know that about me.”

“You say that and here you are cheating on your wife.”

“That’s unfair. We couldn’t stop that happening even if we tried and you and I both know there was more to this than a one night stand, a temporary dalliance from our partners. Can you honestly tell me that you are the sort of girl who would sleep with another man so casually? Because I don’t think that for one moment you are. I know there is something very wrong with your marriage and if you can’t admit it to yourself then you and I don’t have a future.”

Adam climbs out of the bath. The flurry of his movements causes water to splash onto the floor. He stands and dries himself with vigor and I think he will rub off his own skin. He catches me looking at him via the mirrored wall beside him. I turn my eyes away and stare down at the fading bubbles.

“Adam. I will leave him. Just give me time. Just a little and I’ll do it.”

He exhales loudly and comes to kneel beside the bath.

“Macey I hope you’re serious. As serious about this as I am.” Eventually he smiles and I do too. “You wait and see, Macey. I’ll make you happy. I swear.”

He kisses me and helps me out of the bath. I don’t doubt him for a moment. I only doubt that I can escape Drew.

Chapter Four

I’m late for work the next morning. Adam ordered a dress for me at a nearby boutique, along with some shoes and underwear. I do the best I can do with my hair and face and leave the Waldorf about two hours after Adam went to work.

I pop my head around my office door like a naughty teenager who has missed curfew and, of course, Amy is there, busily working away. I say nothing and creep to my desk.

She doesn’t look up but says, “Good afternoon, young miss.”

“It’s not so late,” I say switching on my computer and taking the lid off the coffee Amy has left on my desk for me.

Amy sits back in her chair. “New outfit?”

I look down at the deep red dress. “Um, yeah. I’ve had it a while but never got round to wearing it until today.”

“Special occasion?”

“What?” I splutter and dribble my coffee. “No, nothing special. Nothing’s happened.”

“You sure? Because somehow you look different to me.”

“Don’t be silly, Amy. It’s a new dress. Big deal. You’ve seen me in dresses before.”

“Sure but weren’t you the one who told me you couldn’t afford new clothes? Saving up for a new apartment?”

“I did, but I treated myself. Did I miss anything?”

“No. Nothing. I heard Adam Wainwright is going away.”

I jerk my head upwards but count to five before I ask, “Where?”

“South America. Business.”

“Where do you get all your information?” I say as casually as I can.

“I have my ways,” she smiles and begins to work on something on her computer.

I begin to wonder if she knows where I was last night. Surely not. How could she? Then the door taps twice and in walks Adam.

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