Her Bosses Baby

By: Kimmy Love

“Morning ladies!”

For some reason, Amy looks at me and doesn’t answer Adam. As usual he’s looking at me only.

“Hi Adam,” I say with a “friends only” type of smile. “You need anything?” He smiles before answering.

“Just popping in to say thank you for yesterday. You know, going over that stuff for the meeting tomorrow. I wondered if you wanted to sit in?”


“Why not? You never know, you might be heading up your own sales team one day,” he says.

Amy clears her throat. “And you never know, Macey, Adam might ask you along to the South America trip.”

“I can’t go,” I say quickly.

“Why not?” Adam is leaning his knuckles on my desk. I know the cologne he’s wearing. I smoothed it onto his skin as he held my naked body against him. His cock was hard and he’d picked me up, sat me on the bathroom counter and pushed it into me. I moisten at the thought.

“Well, it’s the first I’ve heard about the trip and surely it’s about the sales team,” I say.

“We could all do with some administrative support, though, Macey.” Adam is smiling and my lips are twitching to reciprocate. Amy coughs again.

“If Macey can’t go, I’m game,” she says.

“Right,” says Adam without looking at her. He leans up off my desk and leaves the room. I stare at the door. I become aware of Amy’s eyes on me.

“Oh my God,” she says.

“What?” I get up and go to a filing cabinet for no good reason but to have my back to Amy.

“You’ve slept with him haven’t you?” she says.

“That’s ridiculous.” I go back to my desk after having pushed a few files back and forth in the filing cabinet.

“You went up to his office yesterday, you got up to something, he took you home and then he had to buy you a new outfit to wear today so you didn’t come in in the same as yesterday. What did you tell your husband? Did he buy it?”

“Amy, please! I went home to my husband last night after leaving the office. Okay?”

“Why do I get the feeling you’re trying to shut me up?”

“Because I am.”

“Because you slept with him.”

I move my mouth but nothing comes out. I’m a dreadful liar. Always have been.

“Don’t worry,” Amy says. “Your secret is safe with me.”

“Amy it’s not what you think. It’s a lot more complicated than that. No one, I mean, no one can know.”

Amy makes a locking sign over her lips and throws over her shoulder an imaginary key. She winks and gets back to work.

The last thing I wanted was for anyone to find out. I have enough to think about going home and facing Drew later.

For the rest of the morning, I keep my head down and work, barely looking at Amy and then my cell starts to ring. I jump about a foot and stare at my purse.

“You gonna get that?” Amy asks.


I get out my cell. It’s Drew. I give a quick look at Amy, turn my chair away and answer.

“Baby, I so so sorry,” he says. I haven’t uttered a word. “I don’t know what came over me. Maybe I had too much to drink. I can’t even remember what I said. I woke up and you weren’t there. I wondered what I’d done. I know I must have been a bastard and I’m sorry. You have every right to hate me right now.”

“Drew, I-I can’t talk at the moment.” I take a quick look at Amy but her head is down. “I’ll speak to you later.”

“Listen, May. I got a job interview today. Something’s come up at Hardy’s. You know the mechanic? Well I got to go see him later. It’s a formality, I know, I got this. We can go celebrate tonight. What d’you say?”

“Well, let’s talk later.”

“I love you, Macey. This is going to be a new start for us. I swear. I’ve been an idiot. I know I have to shape up. I don’t wanna lose you May. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re my world, you know that?”

“I know, Drew. Like I said, I gotta go. I’m at work. Good luck with the job.”

“Don’t need luck, baby. I’ll have the champagne on ice. Love you.”

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