Her Bosses Baby

By: Kimmy Love

The truth is, I notice it all. Every lingering look, every lasting scent of his aftershave, and every knowing smile that comes my way when we pass each other in the corridor. But I’m a married woman and he’s a married man. I can’t kid myself that I haven’t thought about what it would be like to date a guy like Adam—and to do more than just date him. His body is as incredible as his looks, at least in his suits or his shirt and tie. I know he feels something for me. And even if we were both single, the office policy would put an end to us ever being together.

I think about Adam now; I think about what could have been if I’d been single when we first met. Instead, I’ve had to hear about his engagement and marriage to the beautiful Sherry Lancaster, ex-model and current television host.

“Then you must really love your husband deeply to not have noticed, Macey,” Amy gives another shake of her head. We’ve touched on this subject a few times but I’ve always tried to cut it short. I can’t give anything away, not even to Amy. The truth is a lot of sexual tension has been building up between Adam and me for months.

It started with glances, lingering looks, and standing very close when no one was around to see. Even a brush of his shirt sleeve against my arm if he was getting out of the elevator and I was getting in would send a shock wave through my lower abdomen. One time I was about to get on the elevator and he was going to come out but didn’t. He rode down with me, he stood behind me, close, in an otherwise empty elevator. I was sure he was trying to smell my perfume and I wanted so much to turn around and kiss him.

“You said Adam’s here every second on the day,” I laugh. “He’s not here now.” I raise my eyebrows and hands, looking around the office.

“He likes you, Macey. You better watch it. But, mind you, I could really see you with a guy like Adam.”

“I’m a married woman.”

“A married woman who never mentions her husband—ever. I talk about Charlie all the time.” Amy pauses for a moment but I don’t look up. “You guys are okay, right?”

“Fine,” I say, still not looking up.

“Really? I mean he never comes to any of the office parties. What is it you said he’s doing now? Where does he work? Don’t they give him time off?”

“What’s with all the questions about my marriage all of a sudden, Amy? Bored? I could find you lots to do.”

“I’m already loaded with work. I’m just curious about married life. Charlie’s talked about it, you know—getting married? But I’m not so sure. Seems to me marriage takes the spark out of every relationship. My parents are divorced, Sue in accounts just got her divorce, you never talk about your husband, and even Adam’s marriage is on the rocks.”

I look up sharply. “Who says?”

“Keep up girlfriend. Remember how they were in the papers and everything when they first got together? Ex-super model marries billionaire marketing tycoon? Well, according to the press, there’s trouble in paradise.”

“You can’t believe everything you read in the papers.”

“Mmm. I don’t know. Could be the reason he’s got his eyes on you. He wants to move on, baby, and you’re his next conquest.”

“For the last time, Amy. I’m married. Now do some work before I get you fired.”

There’s a soft knock on the door just before it opens. I know exactly who will be walking through it, just by the two taps he makes with his fist against the door. I look at Amy, she’s grinning. I look at the door and in walks Adam.

I swallow and try not to emphasize the deep breath I need to inhale as he appears in an aqua blue shirt, the same color as his eyes. His eyes are piercingly intense and surrounded by dark lashes. His dark hair is cut short and his shave is not so close today. A dark dusting of stubble on his defined chin makes a warm feeling grow between my legs. I need to get control. This feeling must never go beyond a feeling. It must never get physical.

“Morning, ladies.” Adam Wainwright’s voice is deep. He addresses us both but his eyes are on me. He looks down at the silky blouse I wear. I hope it isn’t creased from where Drew grabbed me earlier. I hope I look perfect for Adam and I know I shouldn’t be having those thoughts.

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