Her Bosses Baby

By: Kimmy Love

“Morning, Adam,” I say, but catch a look from Amy which implies that I was sounding too sultry to be professional. Not at all like a married woman.

“Hi, you look nice today, Macey.” Adam is right next to my desk. He’s got a pile of files in his hands. Strong looking hands with elegant fingers and, of course, his wedding ring. I dare to look into his eyes.

“Thanks, Adam. Is there anything I can help you with?” I say.

“As a matter of fact, yes there is. There’s the Mapleton account to run through. We’ve got that big meeting with them Wednesday and I needed to make sure all the administrative side was sorted before the pitch.”

“I believe it is.” I can tell this is just an excuse to get me alone with him. Adam has done this several times, no wonder Amy isn’t fooled. But I play along anyway because I love being near Adam. We haven’t touched each other or said anything in the least bit suggestive, but just being around him fills me with an excitement I haven’t felt in a long time. He makes me forget my problems with Drew and makes me feel like I’m a real woman again.

“I could do with a few assurances,” Adam says. “Maybe you could come up to my office towards the end of the day. My appointments are clear later, so should we say about five-thirty?”

“That’s fine by me, Adam.” Maybe I sound too enthusiastic about it, because Amy has turned her face away. I’m sure she’s grinning and trying not to laugh out loud.

As soon as Adam leaves the office, I throw a screwed up piece of paper at her.

“What’s your problem?” I ask. As if I don’t know. But five-thirty seems like a long wait before I can go up to Adam Wainwright’s office.

Chapter 2

I tap on Adam’s door even though it’s slightly ajar and I know he is expecting me.

“Come in, Macey,” he calls, and I let myself in. “You can close it behind you, not that we’ll get any disturbances up here. My secretary has left for the evening.”


“Take a seat, Macey, don’t be a stranger.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I was wondering what else I needed to do to get the paperwork in order for the presentation. I thought I’d done a good enough job.”

“And you have Macey, you have. That’s really why I called you up. I wanted to thank you personally.”

“Oh we worked as a team, Adam. I can’t take all the thanks.”

“You don’t fool me, Macey I know what you do for this company. You’ve always been a hard worker.” He puts his elbows on the table and just stares at me. His expression is halfway between admiration and wanting to ask a question.

“Well, is there anything else?” I ask.

“Macey.” He leans back in his chair. “There is something. Something I’m sure won’t come as a surprise to you.”

I look down; I know what’s coming. Months and months of pent up feelings but never being able to express them are about to be put to the test. He wants to get personal. I panic. It’s frowned upon in this company and Adam of all people should know that.

“Something is happening between us, Macey. I know it and you know it. It’s torture having you in touching distance and not being able to just reach out to you, stroke your cheek, hold you around the waist.”

My eyes dart towards the door. It’s happening. “Adam, we can’t. Apart from the obvious, we’re both married. Remember?”

“It’s easy to forget I have wife, if I’m honest. Sherry’s work keeps her in LA a lot of the time.”

“So, you’re lonely? Is that what this is about?”

“Loneliness doesn’t come into it. To tell you the truth, I’m glad she’s not around much. All we do is fight, anyway. She’s at home right now but I won’t be going back there.”

“Why not?”

“I’m sick of the arguments. No. I’m staying at the Waldorf. She leaves in two days. Then I’ll go home.”

I can hardly believe what I’m hearing.

“All couples fight, Adam. You need counseling, not another woman.”

“You’re not just another woman, Macey. You’re special. I can see that. What I feel for you is−”

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